Laminitis and Founder: The Killer of Horses

Posted in Horse Conditions September 29, 2017

Information compiled from my perspective and research about laminitis and founder in horses with reflections from one of our horses who passed from this condition.

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Are Horses Conscious Beings?

Posted in Equine Assisted Therapy August 11, 2017

The FEEL Approach is a unique collaboration between horses and humans. With equine facilitated learning, the horse is the active partner in guiding transformational journeys of healing, personal growth and spiritual connection.

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Horse As Teacher

Posted in Horse Therapy February 21, 2017

My love of horses blossomed as a young girl. My soul yearned to be with them. Horses represented freedom - to run free without restraints! The presence of a horse vibrates with aliveness! They are connected to their world.

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