Ada Stankoic

5080 Aurora Rd., Stouffville, ON, L4A 3K1

Ada unifies her desire to help others in their personal growth and awareness by using her passion for horses, and how their unique nature can assist people through various therapeutic and learning experiences.

After graduating with honours in retail merchandising from Shaw private Business College, Ada began her career in the public sector at Canada Employment and immigration where she began to learn and experience the process of helping others.  Several years latter her career shifted to that of mother and home maker to raise her daughter and son.  Over next few years, her love of nature and flowers set her permanently on the entrepreneurial path. Ada obtained a floral design certificate from the Toronto School of floral design, and proceeded to build and operate Floralelegance where her creative talents and authentic desire to make others happy provided her with many happy and loyal customers.

Ada discovered that her true passion was for horses after her cousin Nicole asked her to attend a horse show that she was riding in. Ada realized then and there that riding and working with horses was what she had always wanted to do. Ada began with riding lessons, and purchased her first horse six months later. That was the start of her new adventure which continues to this day.

Her love of horses led her to volunteering, mucking, grooming, teaching beginner children and adult riders, and working as a horse side walker with disabled children. She enhanced her knowledge by obtaining the Equine Science certificate with distinction, and an Advanced Horse Anatomy certificate from the University of Guelph where she learned more deeply about a horses’ overall beauty throughout. As she continued her journey, her experience and joy grew. She realized that there was more that she could learn from, and do with these magnificent creatures than just riding.  She began to see their true nature as athletes, hard working, giving, forgiving, and therapeutic to humans in whichever discipline they were needed.

Her growing connection with horses motivated her to give back something in return for their selfless service that they provided her. After further research, she became a certified equine massage therapist and Kideup services were born. Her equine massage practice grew to include Horse and human Reiki treatments soon after becoming a second level Reiki practitioner.

Over time Ada felt that there was more that she could do with horses to help people, but didn’t know what that was until one day, while massaging several horses at a facility (horse spirit connections), she was introduced to the FEEL program by the owners.  She saw how FEEL would further teach her a greater understanding of how horses help people. Their  non verbal communications, wisdom, authenticity, non judgmental, and honest nature  would empower her with experiential learning about herself, and how to apply this important knowledge to her and other peoples everyday life.

She realized then, that this was what she was looking for, and enrolled in the FEEL certification program under the direction of Wendy and Andrea, both EPONA instructors. After graduating, Ada plans to use this new self awareness and experience to help other people through experiential learning by offering FEEL workshops, and private sessions under the banner of Kideup Services.

Ada presently lives on a quaint little farm in Ballantrae Ontario with her two children, her supportive husband, along with her two dogs, pet rabbit, and Sugar Cube, a Shetland mini pony which she takes to nursing homes, and birthday parties.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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