Anna-Marie Duffy

London, ON N5Y 2W5

Anna-Marie Duffy

As a child, Anna-Marie had a keen interest in assisting with the healing and recovery of the world around her. Her training began with a focus on saving the lives of injured and abandoned birds and animals within her neighbourhood. Once a teenager, she was introduced to the world of horses and quickly embraced being with a horse companion; riding became a way for her to experience the serenity of nature from a new perspective.

After graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in recreation therapy, Anna-Marie worked with patients in brain injury rehabilitation for over a decade. She incorporated animal-assisted therapy with her patients and began to understand the positive impact this intervention had on all aspects of the healing journey. Through this work experience, she also began to discover and appreciate the unwavering perseverance and quiet strength of the human spirit to heal wounds and restore hope.

Following her clinical work, Anna-Marie continued to expand her skill set through a variety of leadership and teaching opportunities within healthcare. During this time, she further developed her ability to communicate effectively and listen with intent; she also enhanced her skills as an experienced educator and facilitator for staff training and development.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, Anna-Marie has grown to appreciate the need for an expanded range of therapeutic modalities that successfully address the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs of individuals seeking authentic, mindful and compassionate care. After a long absence from horses and horseback riding, Anna-Marie reconnected with her passion and began to more fully understand the positive impact that animals, and specifically horses, have on rejuvenating the capacity for humans to live healthy and joyful lives.

As a result of this renewed connection and in order to deepen her ability to innovatively contribute to the provision of healthcare, Anna-Marie completed her Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) certification from Horse Spirit Connections in 2016. In the same year, she also graduated from Athabasca University with a Master of Health Studies degree.

With insightful familiarity of the horse/human connection and an expanded awareness of human healthcare needs, Anna-Marie is passionate about sharing the healing possibilities of equine-facilitated learning. Group and individual sessions are offered through HorseMuse which is conveniently located just outside London, ON. To inquire about upcoming HorseMuse workshops and to book individual sessions, please contact Anna-Marie Duffy by phone: 519-670-6949 or email:


FEEL Training Program

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