Anne Barry

Montreal, QC H2S 3A8

Anne Barry

After 25 years as a professional contemporary dancer and teacher, Anne is transitioning to a new career in life coaching, specifically in the field of equine experiential learning, collaborating with horses to explore personal growth, creative self-reflection and empowerment.

Her journey from the intensely absorbing, passionate métier of a professional dancer has been surprisingly non-linear, oscillating between the rational and the intuitive, between orderly measures and chaotic impulses, soliciting creativity, curiousity,as well as trust. Amidst this swirl of movement, Anne realized that she was fundamentally captivated by the process of transition itself. Acknowledging how profoundly touched she is by the human experience, how sensitive to the beauty and fragility of the the voyages we make in our lives, and how fascinated by the continual flow of change and transformation moving us through life, Anne recognized that she wanted to structure and expand on her knowledge and understanding of personal evolution through training, embarking on the FEEL certification program at Horse Spirit Connections in 2013 and enrolling in the Personal and Professional Coaching Certification program at Concordia University in 2014.

Anne’s years in dance have honed cerain qualities that she can bring to this new field. Emotional agility, a finely tuned body awareness as well as a clear communication of a creative inner world were such focuses in dance that they have become valuable resources through which Anne structures life experiences and assimilates personal challenges. Working in situations of physical and emotional intimacy with others, becoming familiar with the states of vulnerability this intimacy provokes, Anne has cultivated a profound respect, empathy and compassion for others’ processes. Anne is by nature a listener, listening avidly to stories, the radio,
to conversations. Curious, she loves searching and researching, pushed by a constant, profound desire to learn, grow and evolve. With study and learning, she is transforming these personal traits and experiences into professional skills of facilitating personal development in partnership with horses.

In her early formative years, dance was presented as a spiritual expression of the individual and the collectivity. This laid the foundations for Anne of why she danced and coloured how she entered into the creative process and the artistic world of choreographers subsequentially. It is this same expressive sense of spirituality that Anne is finding now in the new life path with the horses. It is a spirituality with an earthy feel, being rooted in the natural world, bringing one to a place where the core self is inextricably entwined with the natural world, and part of a greater undefineable sensorial whole.

Anne was drawn to dance by movement, not only of the body, but also of emotions, thoughts, the unconscious and the spiritual self, resourcing these energies to articulate a poetical expression of the human experience.

In her new métier, Anne sees a continuity of this movement, approaching facilitated equine experiential coaching as a dance executed between the horses, the client and the human facilitator. It is a conscious play of awareness bridging the mind, the body, the heart and the encompassing soul, bringing up insight from our deep wordless wells of experience and inner wisdom and moving us into the experience of a creative process, finding the abilities to consciously evolve and to source transformational empowerment.


FEEL Training Program

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