Bernie Sibley

Hamilton, ON L8N 2W2

Bernie Sibley

Bernadette possesses extensive experience and knowledge of effective therapeutic techniques garnered through her employment in the non-profit sector for the past twenty-five years. In that time she has been a counselor, group facilitator and case manager, working with individuals and families experiencing trauma, homelessness, family breakdown, addiction and conflict with the law. She brings this knowledge and compassion, learned through her experiences, to all facets of her interactions with others.

As a child growing up in the United Kingdom, Bernadette developed a passionate interest and love of horses. She would spend much of her free time volunteering to work at stables simply for the opportunity to experience the power and the love of these majestic creatures. It continues to be a passion, which she has preserved and nurtured, throughout her life. Whether it is being a caregiver and partner with her own rescued standard bred horse, Phoenix, a self employed contractor doing stable management and horse care, or as an operator of an equine tack and apparel consignment venture, her zeal for all things related to the horse has remained her primary passion.

Bernadette believes that most of her learning has come from the experiences and choices she has made throughout her life.  These experiences have given her unique insight and understanding of the many paths that she has chosen to follow and how her life has been affected by her choices.  This journey has now brought her full circle by affording her a personal understanding of the opportunity for growth and learning through the partnership of horses and people.  She now understands the capacity that horses have to move people emotionally, physically and spiritually.   Bernadette recognizes that horses ground us and help us understand patience, quietness, awareness and most of all how to live in the moment.

As a graduate of the F.E.E.L. Program at Horse Spirit Connections, Bernadette’s focus now is to bring humans and horses together as partners in their journey.


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