Brenda Brown

Advanced FEEL Certification
Surrey B.C. V3Z 9R9


Brenda Brown was born with a burning desire to be with horses, to free them from the slavery of mankind.  To bring awareness to their true potential.  Not knowing how that would happen, she traveled the route of the mind and she did what she thought she should do.  Managing business and working offices for the first part of her career. She then realizing she needed to work in a more fun environment and worked in restaurants for 10 years. Brenda still was doing what she thought she should do, till finally she heard the call and decided to work with horses. Making the change from what she should do to what she really wanted to do.  Managing a riding stable for 2 years, with up to 25 rental horses and up to 25 breeding horses, Brenda worked with the employees and customers to  teach  them how to ride. With her organization skills she would bring the stable from un-organized to harmony.

This was the beginning of going out on her own where she would have the power to really teach people to have a deeper relationship with horses. To treat them with respect and appreciation for what they really have to offer.  The depth of their souls along with their wisdom.  She operated this for 7 years, loving every minute of it.  Then her path took a change and without understanding the reasons fully, she closed her stable.  She was then taken on the next part of her journey which ended her up in an naturopathic clinic for 13 years.  Taking training, classes and courses that lead her to attain the valuable information and processes that now allowed her to attend her dream.  Once again the horses called and a new path opened up.  Now all of the previous work experience and training was coming together, Brenda open up her healing ranch and once again work with the horses. Finding the FEEL certification program felt like the right fit and now offering session with horses as co-facilitator and healers, the dream of working with horses is now a reality. The horses are now in partnership with us.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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