Brenda Innes

Cloverdale, BC

Brenda Innes

As an adult, Brenda felt that there must be more in this life than she was experiencing… the sacred wound was reflected in all aspects of her perceived reality. To add salt to this wound, a near death experience, found Brenda asking the questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

Through a spiritual journey that literally landed on her doorstep, Brenda began to notice beauty where she had not previously- in the simplicities of life- a bird eating a worm, a child laughing, the sun shining.

Brenda found herself very curious about different energy healing modalities as an alternative way to healing.

Brenda soon realized through becoming certified as a Theta Healer Practitioner that it was NOT the world that was challenging … rather a perception of reality mirrored by belief systems that she was not consciously aware of that she had lying dormant, engrained in the subconscious from past experiences.  Through Theta Healing, Brenda discovered that by shifting subconscious cellular belief systems so they are congruent with the conscious mind, one potentially embraces all of their power to re-design their reality.

With choosing a choice- less choice of the Soul’s yearning, becoming an energy healer, resonating with the power of various healing modalities to uncover the root of the perceived manifestation of either a physical symptom, mental or emotional experience, a healing journey found Brenda… taking her on a roller coaster of transformation, integration, and self-remembrance revealing to Brenda that she was not her past, her perceived darkness nor who or what she thought she was…

Later, Brenda found herself intrigued by Re-Connective healing and certified as a Practitioner. In this modality, connecting with Source Energy, Brenda channels source energy through her hands and fingers allowing the energies to integrate for the highest good of the client or animal, potentially affecting changes on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

Brenda has also discovered the power of meditation through connecting with the heart, high frequencies of the crystalline core energies of Mother Earth, the stars and the sun to affect profound transformation, raise one’s vibration and manifest the heart’s desires faster from the heart space.

In addition to these certifications and discoveries, Brenda has had a strong affinity for animals all her life and has recently heard and heeded the call of the horses through a spirit guide, her angel, that came to her in the form of a horse with the same name, to tell her that the gem she was looking for was indeed Brenda’s natural way of being, her essence, her heart presence, partnering with the horses for healing, self-empowerment, self-illumination, self-realization and beyond. Upon listening to this call, and experiencing workshops,  and several personal intimate sessions with the horses, observing horses in their natural environment as well as becoming certified as a Facilitator for Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), Brenda discovered that horses are powerful healers and teachers as they mirror parts of ourselves that are ripe and ready to come into our awareness often through emotions arising and/or bodily sensations to receive the messages and gifts behind the wound, for acceptance and integration and ultimately transcendence. Horses invite us to embody and integrate all parts of ourselves once fragmented or pushed away in the past so we may remember who we truly are and walk our authentic path into the world, empowering us to live the life of our dreams and potentially creating a space for others to do the same.

How does it get any better than that?

As a teacher of Elementary school children for 24 years, a dance of allowing the authentic child to shine their gifts & talents in a safe manner which honours the differences in individual learning styles & personalities as well as the classroom community as a whole, learning from and with the children,  her  actualized key codes from her own transformation & integration of lessons as a child, and the Theta Healing and Re-connective healing modalities, Brenda brings compassion, heart presence , her authentic self,   and  a magical dance of honouring  individual and group needs… , idiosyncracies  and consensual leadership to the partnership with the horses as a FEEL Facilitator  for  Equine Experiential Learning.

The essence of Brenda and her gifts, partnering with the horses, create & hold a sacred space of infinite possibility, honouring the individual, the group, and the herd…together as ONE.


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