Britt-Marie Bjerre

Maglehult 2581
288 93 Nävlinge,  SWEDEN
+46 76-208 01 01

One day he was just there on the farm, the Pony, a Christmas present that was Britt-Marie’s first contact with horses ever. She was left to find her own way together with the equally inexperienced pony. This was the foundation of her quest to understand horses through listening and seeing horses as individuals. Over the years, including horseback riding and participating in equestrian competitions, the partnership with horses kept developing.

After working in health care and psychiatry for a long time a call to stimulate and improve the health of people in other ways started to speak to Britt-Marie. She wanted to bring clients more into connection with nature, gardening, and horses. Britt-Marie continued her education through courses and certifications within Health Promotion, Horticultural Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning, and Therapeutic riding.

In 2011 when Britt-Marie was working at a Residential Care Home using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Skill training, the clients were allowed to come along to the stable and meet the horses. They were practicing Mindfulness, Body language, Balance and Body Consciousness. The clients appreciated the companionship with the horses and experienced both calmness, relaxation and a feeling of joy. Feelings that they had not felt for several years. Based on these experiences Britt-Marie wrote her Bachelor Thesis on Equine participation in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy treatment through the use of Experience-Based Learning.

In a quest to further increase her knowledge, deepen her relationship and ability to communicate with horses, Britt-Marie attended a FEEL introduction day. This experience and the concept of seeing the horses as “teachers” was appealing, and Britt-Marie enrolled in the FEEL Certification Program. In May 2019 Britt-Marie was certified as a FEEL Practitioner.
The FEEL training has developed the ability to be mindful and connect with both horses and oneself at a more profound level. The horses have developed into amazing teachers and the stimulating cooperation with the FEEL clients continues to grow.

At her beautifully situated farm “Kluvhult” in south Sweden, Britt-Marie is working with both Nature assisted Therapy for persons with a stress-related psychological disorder and using her horses as teachers in the context of FEEL. At the farm, there are three horses, cats, and chickens. Britt-Marie warmly welcomes all of you who want to learn from her “wise” horses.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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