Cindy Lemieux

Bromont, QC J2L 0C7

Cindy Lemieux

Cindy Ann Lemieux founded her wellness center with a clear goal in mind: helping individuals find their true path, expand their awareness, and regain health. She is a certified FEEL Practitioner (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning), Empowerment Coach, Aromatherapist, and a Samhara Reiki Practitioner dedicated in balancing mind, body and spirit. She is also a health advocate and entrepreneur.

Through her own healing journey, Cindy Ann has experienced the power of having a heart to heart connection with horses and the restorative gifts of nature to obtain phenomenal transformations. She truly believes that everyone has the capability of creating a successful life when given the proper tools and knowledge.

About Me

I believed in my dreams and pursuing my passion. This meant helping others reconnect to Spirit, find balance and purpose, while working in partnership with horses and being in harmony with nature.

As a child, I loved frolicking in sun-drenched fields alongside these magnificent animals. However, as life unfolded I was overwhelmed by responsibilities, school and work, and my true essence began to vanish.

I am married to a very supportive man and have three amazing children: two boys and a girl. When my daughter was eight years old, she was diagnosed with cancer, and I was completely devastated. However, I had faith that she could heal and I began to fiercely research the effects of nutrition and wellness. After surgery and holistic treatments, my daughter healed and has now blossomed into a beautiful young woman. This trying chapter in our lives left me overwhelmed, anxious and feeling trapped as I did not know how to manage my emotions, and as a result my health was deeply affected. I needed to learn how to master life’s challenges and find balance while reclaiming my health and joy.

I took action by hiring an empowerment coach and fell in love with horses again. Unfortunately, I was thrown from my horse and began to fear riding. But I soon realized there was a reason behind this as it took me down a whole new road; I discovered the existence of programs aimed at healing our emotions with the help of horses. This is where my path to empowerment and becoming a FEEL Practitioner began. Through tears and laughter, I began my transformational journey towards the woman I was meant to be as I took the center stage of my life. I became a victor instead of a victim.

I now partner with horses because they are so impressive in helping people become their greater self. Through my unique program I will help you get at the root of imbalances and identify the barriers that are preventing a fulfilled life; you will see with more clarity what is and is not working. Whether you want to work on personal relationships, your career, or even build your confidence, I will be honored to guide you through a journey of healing, empowerment, compassion, and creativity through the magical presence and wisdom of horses.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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