Cindy MacDonald

Lindsay, ON K0V 4R5
705 879 4207

Cindy MacDonald, a resident and co-founder of Greenshire Eco Farms and the Healing Horse Centre in Lindsay, Ontario, has a powerful affinity for all life and especially horses. As a child, Cindy was sure she’d been born as human in error. She spent every possible moment reading about or being a horse. In her twenties, Cindy cleaned stalls in exchange for riding lessons, then got her first horse. Later, sidetracked by cultural expectations for a number of years, she began to hear the voices of the horses calling her, softly. Growing more insistent, she envisioned an intentional farm community where co-species healing of horses and humans would take place. This has come to fruition. Her focus within the Greenshire community, along with farm partner and FEEL co-facilitator Kaileen St. Antoine, is working in partnership with horse as teacher for teens and mid-lifers searching for meaning in their lives.

Cindy, also known by her medicine name of Earth Lightning Woman, has a fiery passion for the Earth and a vision of world peace in her lifetime. She is a portal through which like-minded dreamers connect, grow and heal. Cindy sees Greenshire and its sacred land and horses as the crossroads whereby shared love of the outdoors, nature, animals, sustainable agriculture and community meet to grow a greater good through education and interactivity. She knows this will help change our world.

Cindy has two artistically-talented daughters of whom she is very proud. She freelances website-management services from a home office for an environmental-journalism educational organization. She is certified in Reiki Level 2  and CranioSacral Therapy Level I, and is fascinated by the use of food as medicine.

Cindy lives to share the power of Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) with YOU. Contact Cindy:, 705-879-4207.


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