Colleen Weber

Oro Station, ON, L0L 2E0

Colleen’s relationship with horses started at a young age when her weekend adventures would take her to a local field.  There she would climb the fence and sit on a salt lick, waiting patiently for the horses to come to her.  Time stood still in the company of the horses, slowing life down for integration.  Colleen didn’t realize the impact that horse connection would have until much later in life.

The petro chemical industry was the start of Colleen’s career which included extensive travel and an international posting to Kuwait.  During her travels to Kuwait, Amsterdam, England, Caribbean Islands, United States and Canada, Colleen experienced so many opportunities for learning that it sparked her curiosity for wanting to understand her world and herself at a deeper level. On that note, she turned her attention to upgrading her education in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Cash Management through attending night courses at college.  With over twenty-five years experience in Accounting and Bookkeeping, Colleen learned the importance of attention to detail while maintaining the overall view of the bigger picture.  Colleen applies this same methodology to personal life experiences today.   Colleen’s travel also brought a new found understanding of history and culture that changed her world view, bringing a greater understanding and tolerance for the things in life that appeared to be different.

Through all these experiences on Colleen’s life journey, she continued to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around her. Taking her personal development to a new level, Colleen stepped onto a Shamanic Spiritual Path of personal healing.  This Metis path combined the knowledge from both the Native American Indians and the white worlds.  The teachings within this path have inspired Colleen to seek a higher awareness of how she lives in the world.

The stream of her spirituality and personal healing has meandered around many corners, and within this journey she awoke to the pursuit of oneness.  It has culminated in a resourceful toolbox, with a strong connection to Grandmother Earth and all those that inhabit her, healing techniques, the modalities of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystal work.  Colleen is proud to be a Pipe Carrier within the lineage of shamanic teachings which she continues to practice.  Sweat lodge ceremony and gathering together circles of women is her passionate commitment.

Horses have been the carriers of freedom in many forms to the Native American Indians and Colleen learned about their willingness to teach personal freedom to each of us.  The path to her pursuit of wholeness became very clear when she stood in front of Lady, a beautiful chestnut mare.  Lady was being herself and with total clarity Colleen saw, beauty, grace, strength, empathy, and physical acceptance, the very characteristics she wanted to walk out in the world for herself.  Working with the non-verbal, non-judgmental communication of the horses opened the door of freedom for Colleen to understand and hear her inner communication with self.  The more she listened, the more she learned and understood the next step on her path was to partner with these horse teachers to help people to relate to themselves in a non-verbal, non-judgmental way.

Colleen can share her understanding of the communication of the horses and how they want to relate to you, as a certified FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) facilitator.  The horses have taught Colleen to stay open to the space of possibilities, experiencing their ability for expanded awareness she has learned that anything is possible and the horses will communicate what is needed in the moment.

Colleen wants to share her vision of weaving your human experiences with the wisdom and beauty of the horses, assisting you to learn your own non-verbal, non-judgmental communication with yourself, helping you to live a happier life.  She offers individual and group workshops through Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham and Blue Heron Stables in Minesing.


FEEL Training Program

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