Debbie Burke

Doha, Qatar

Horses have always been a passion and love for Debbie, and participating in the F.E.E.L. certification program has taken her relationship with horses to a much deeper connection. Debbie noticed that what may appear to be the simplest act of sitting in a pasture amongst a herd of horses, presents an opportunity for reverence and sincere gratitude for being acknowledged and accepted.

Over the years, Debbie has traveled and worked extensively around the world, allowing her a broad view of life experiences and international friendships. Her love and respect of different cultures have inspired in her a desire to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. Her natural caring approach allows her to adapt well to diverse cultures and different experiences that life presents to her.

She opened up a Montessori classroom at an orphanage in Bangladesh, training the teachers and preparing the classroom for the children. This experience was the perfect complement to her many years as a Montessori Directress in Canada. The Montessori Method of teaching has provided Debbie the groundwork for experimental learning; she is now able to transfer those skills and knowledge to her work with horses.

Throughout Debbie’s life she found that her many interests in
alternative health care was a way for personal growth and giving back to those that needed extra support and care. Debbie is a Master in Usui Reiki and the Radiance Technique; she has also intuited an energy style that incorporates symbols, and it is through this work that Debbie has strengthened her inner knowing and wisdom behind the power of the unseen. As horses have much larger hearts than humans and are keenly sensitive to energy and vibration, Debbie’s extensive training and work with energy work has significantly deepened her ability to let go and open her heart to the healings and teachings of the horse. She also has certifications in Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, and extensive training in Colour Harmonics: Frequency, Geometry and Form, by Spectrahue.

Debbie believes that it is important to create her tool chest that reflects her lifestyle. It is these skills that make it much easier for her to feel confident and self-assured in any situation. In Debbie’s early years she worked in a chronic care hospital, organizing and leading all recreational activities. This experience set the stage for nurturing the skills of compassion and patience. Debbie has also taken the Social Etiquette and International Protocol training in the UK; she has her certification in English as a Second Language, and has received her Equine Diploma at The University of Guelph in Canada. Her most recent love is learning to play the harp. As with her work with horses, she practices the art of mindfulness, this allows her to stay in the moment and listen to the beautiful sounds that are being created. Appreciating the moment has assisted Debbie to move beyond her thinking mind, allowing for each movement to be slow, relaxed and present. This way of being is a work in progress for Debbie, but she finds the results to be much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Business management has also played a role in Debbie’s life. She has managed the planning, co-ordination and control of industrial processes including supervising and motivating a team of 80 employees. Debbie has also managed a multi-million-dollar export sales department, including large-scale flag and banner projects for NASCAR , Super Bowl, and the 2006 Doha Asian Games in Qatar.

More recently, Debbie opened a healthcare business in Canada. Her vision with the business was to set a new benchmark for alternative health care, bridging alternative therapies with medically supported clinical studies. It was an enriching experience for Debbie, taking the many years she worked in her own family business, to starting a business on her own. Her first year of operation Debbie was awarded the Green Project Award from the Barrie Chamber of Commerce, for the design and implementation of the Green Building, which housed her healthcare business. After selling the business, Debbie looked forward to a new adventure in her life.

Her dream is to introduce a new approach to being with horses, and it is through this approach that her work with horses may be a powerful and transformative experience for any of her clients that she works with. Debbie looks forward to the next half of her life, while continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of humans, and now horses.


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