Denice Muzzatti

120 Riverside Drive
Woodbridge, ON  L4L 2L3

As a Foundational Reconnective Healing practitioner, Denice Muzzatti’s background and abilities are perhaps best understood through the lens of a love story. After being hit by a truck when she was only eight years old, she suffered massive head trauma and had a great deal of difficulty processing the experience. Seeing her struggle, her grandfather bought her a horse named Mike, a hefty, 14-year-old bay thoroughbred that would become the love of her life.

The connection was instant with their energies in complete harmony. She rode him morning until night, with no horsemanship and no lessons. Only on the horse did she feel safe and clear and present, and as the months and years passed her fear and anxiety melted away. Their shared, unspoken language helped her to reconnect with her true self and release her trauma; Mike, she believes, was her messenger and savior. She rode with him for five years.

An intuitive by nature, Denice has been deeply attuned to the realm of nature and animals from a very early age. Meditation, Tibetan singing bowls, yoga and visualization were natural extensions of this passion, all of which Denice has practiced for most of her adult life. An interest in holistic healing developed after she found the Reconnection at the height of a personal health crisis. The experience infused her with energy and love, pointing her further toward her niche.

It is the spiritual aspect of her psychotherapy program that most interests her. Her work with horses as a youth was reminiscent of something holy, convincing her of the powerful healing potential in equine therapy. Her certification in ballroom dance instruction afforded her a unique perspective; horses, she found, taught her to let go and to trust; to know when to lead, when to resist, when to flow and when to follow – very much like dance. It is purely instinctual for her. As an Equine Therapy Facilitator she is hoping to help other trauma victims like herself, in addition to youth with eating disorders – an issue close to her heart. Denice has an honorary BA from York University, is fluent in both French and German, and is a proud mother of three daughters.


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