Diana Ladyskewsky -Heart Reins

Singhampton, ON

Diana has always felt a major attraction to animals. It is this intimacy that allows her to feel the unconditional love these animals have to offer.

This feeling began early in life when her father gave her her first dog. She was later given a pony who she named Coco. This was where she became aware that these pets provided a sincere calming with their eyes . Diana suffered many down falls as a child. Shebecame very sick and spent a lot of time in various hospitals . Her illness was compounded by her father’s death when she was at a tender age of nine. This downward pattern continued when she was placed in foster homes by her mother who was in survival mode. Diana was confused by her mother’s treatment while her two sibling sisters were rewarded with ” Ivey League” education. Due to misdirection and lack of guidance,she got pregnant at age 15. Although frightened, she saw this embarrassing event as a Godsend, rewarding her with a beautiful boy. Surviving on her own, Diana went back to school and worked part time as a hairdresser to support her child. Her hairdressing courses at Mohawk College required her to take some psychology courses that gave her insight in behavior. When she thought she was in control of her life, she purchased a quarter horse thinking it would give her the calming and intimate feeling she remembered in her childhood years. Even then, with no equine education or formal training, Diana new the horses would change her life. What she didn’t know was, how or what direction it would take.

Time moved on with kids and a wonderful career in hairdressing. She worked full time designing hair in the film industry . Leading a team of hairdressers, Diana quickly realized that in order to fulfill her occupation, she needed to enter a world of psychology. She required this quality not only for her employees, but more essentially for the actors who were stressed by the dramatic roles they are playing. It became apparent that when a person relaxes in your chair, they divulge not only their problems but also their secrets. These early experiences helped Diana find her natural calling. She realized that through kindness and just listening and being empathetic, people gained confidence.

As Diana entered adulthood, her life became more complicated. She had to give up fostering children to focus on her own kids who were getting to that critical age and needed undivided attention. Diana considers her children to be her greatest source of education in the psychology field. Teaching them life skills, opened a dimension to a new quantum world that spiraled beyond her limited formal education. This new experience became quite apparent during a solitary horse ride while she was vacationing in the Sierras in Mexico. Diana came upon a herd of wild mustangs in the mountains that changed her life. They only stared at her but she felt she had a special connection to the Equine world. She remembered the CALM. The moment was so euphoric she new she had to get another horse. It almost became an addiction and eventually got four horses and the farm to go with them.

Although Diana had an operating farm with horses, she maintained her job as a hairdresser to finance her habit. She found this dual lifestyle to be too hectic and needed relief. She had to make a change . Bingo !! F.e.e.l came to her . It was there for the taking . She met with Wendy and new this was her calling . Studying with her group, opened the new world of horses to her ! Her horses have now gone from being hers to being teachers . They have taught her how to be free, and how to pass this great secret on.


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