Diane Murray

4640 Road Sebringville Ontario N0K 1X0 Canada


As Diane Murray embarked on her journey to become a FEEL ( Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) facilitator, she came to realize she had already been holding space to allow others to walk their personal healing/ discovery journeys.

In 2011 Diane opened her home for specialized care as a foster parent with Nairn Family Homes. She offers a loving, supportive home focusing primarily on acceptance (of self and others), attachment, self-
awareness and resiliency. She works with the guidance of Nairn Family Homes, following the practices and protocols of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Diane has been implementing the principles and philosophies of FEEL in her day to day practices and daily life.

You are invited to come and meet Diane and her herd on her 3-acre hobby farm located in picturesque Sebringville, Ontario, just a short scenic drive from Stratford.

There you will meet:

  • Molly – a dachshund who loves to snuggle and eagerly awaits the arrival of new people, exuberantly greeting each guest.

  • Roxy – a small white and black girl pony, who will be the first to greet any newcomers with soft nickers. She is a pony who loves to love and to be loved.

  • Dudley – a dark bay boy horse who will take his time assessing all situations to ensure safety before proceeding.

  • Star – a mostly black with a little bit of white girl horse. She is a strong leader who ensures the herd’s safety.

  • Bug – a light bay chestnut girl horse with a heart larger than her physical body, but she guards it well.

It has always been Diane’s goal to learn new skills and develop her existing skills. In 1992 she acquired her Equine Business Management certification and in 1993 her western riding coaching certification. After college, Diane focused on her family, (Justin born in 1996 and Cassady born in 1997). As well she focused on building her horse and people skills by providing western riding lessons and show opportunities for her students.

Life took a big turn in 2008 when she bought her first farm in Embro, Ontario and then became involved in foster parenting. Through-out her fostering career, she has continued her love of learning and applying the knowledge to help others.

Below is a list of some of the professional training Diane has received as a foster parent.

  • The Whole-Brain Child
  • Attachment Sensitive Parenting
  • Foster Care Challenges and Foster Parents as Responders:
    1) Sharpen your emotional intelligence
    2) Update your model of attachment
    3) Expand your forgiveness quotient
  • The Art and Science of Transplanting Children
  • Fostering Concerns
  • Conscious Discipline
  • Dealing with Dishonesty
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
  • Trust-based Relational Intervention
  • Building Connection: Implementing Trauma-Informed and Attachment Focused Intervention with children and Youth

Diane is passionate about people and animals and has a great desire to guide them in reaching their goals and true potential. Her ability to connect with both and her sensitivity to their strengths and needs has a significant impact for human and animals alike. Diane looks forward to the opportunity to Facilitate Equine Experiential Learning to guide and encourage people’s lives for the better.

Come and partner with the horse to explore emotional healing on your journey of transformational growth and well being. Give Diane a call 519-635-2381 or email takodaequine@gmail.com

Learn more at www.takodaequine.com


FEEL Training Program

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