Elaine Martinez

Palgrave, ON L0N 1P0

Elaine Martinez

Elaine was born and educated in England, moving to Canada along with her family in 1981.

As long as Elaine can remember she has had a passion for horses; the need to just be around them and the feeling of contentment they bring her.  Her first job when leaving school was at a private racing stable near Kempton Park in England, where she worked as a groom and stable hand. Elaine has felt from a very young age that much can be learnt from the horse, the respect of herd hierarchy, allowing ones natural intuition to guide you, and the need to belong to a herd, and these lessons have served her well both personally and professionally over the years.

Elaine now cares for 4 thoroughbred and warm blood mares that are a huge presence in her family dynamic. Morning chores and visiting with her herd being her first priority as she awakens each day.  The barn is usually where Elaine can be found, or otherwise quietly hacking in the conservation area with her daughter Kerry, who also shares her love of horses.

Elaine’s first  career interests upon finishing school were social work and law; only years later did she realize that each served her core values; one path served her desire to help people and the second the need to restore fairness. Never the less a change of direction in 1994 introduced her to the field of finance where financial planning combined her skill in connecting with people, and together working to get them where they needed to be.

Elaine holds financial planning, and investment management, designations which along with both securities and insurance licensing give her a well-rounded perspective to assist clients with all their financial wealth management needs.

Realizing a growing need to assist women with life changing events such as widowhood and divorce she studied and attained the Certified Senior Advisor and Chartered Divorce Specialist designations in order to fully appreciate the unique needs of these groups.  She went on to complete level 1 and 2 collaborative training which has given her a solid understanding of the collaborative divorce process.

Feeling a void in her current path, 2010 saw Elaine studying and attaining the master practitioner of neuro linguistic programming and time line therapy.  This new sphere of study opened Elaine’s eyes to a whole new personal awareness and realm of possibility.

Elaine has an ability to lead with quiet strength gaining the trust of people as she gently encourages them to reach for their full potential whether it is financially or personally.

Realizing that her values and passion could still be reflected  better, Elaine enrolled in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Program (FEEL) which beautifully marries her love of horses, and their healing abilities, as she leads people quietly back to themselves, or towards their full potential.

Elaine’s dreams were realized in 2016 as she opened the doors to “Mane Insights”  delivering  Equine guided Awareness programs which serve to educate through the eyes of the horse, empowering the lives of women through interactive exercises, and enriching their lives as they take the reins to achieve the life they were intended.

Away from the office Elaine is married to Carl, together they have raised their three children….. The pride of her life!  Two granddaughters have added a whole new dimension to life, and which she is enjoying immensely, as they too now embrace horses, taking riding lessons and learning respectable horsemanship.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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