Elsie de Jager Olsson

Rensburghoek Farm
PO BOX 1809
Ficksburg, FREE STATE
9730 South Africa



Elsie grew up on their family farm in the beautiful Eastern Free State in South Africa. It is between the yellow-grass covered mountains that her connection, love and appreciation for hoses began. From a very young age, she already adored and realized the benefits of being with horses and nature. The genuinity, calmness and energy they radiated always fascinated her. She is a respectable horse rider and has won several endurance horse riding racing competitions, and yet always felt there is more to these magnificent creatures. She has been breeding Arabian horses with her father since 1974.

Elsie is passionate about the human body and its wellbeing and has always been engaged in sport and healthy living. She studied and graduated as a pharmacist, became a certified health and fitness professional, and was a master trainer of fitness instructors for the Virgin Active Group Health Clubs. As a Career Direct Consultant, she also emphasizes the fact that for a person to have virtuous and long term job satisfaction and be balanced in all areas of life, it is important to align personality traits, interests, skills, values and heart.

Her understanding of the body, science behind diseases and the connection thereof to emotions and thoughts, brought about the idea of combining her scientific and practical knowledge of the body, with her emotional experiences of nature and horses. The combination ensures the effective flow and equilibrium between mind, body, heart and spirit.

F.E.E.L (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) came up as the perfect program to add. This program focuses on horses as partners helping humans with self-discovery, healing, understanding emotions better and be mindful. As a certified F.E.E.L facilitator, Elsie now offers a comprehensive package of wellbeing, rejuvenation and reconnection with your authentic self. At “ FEEL The Way of Life”, her guest farm, she offers a farm stay with the opportunity to re-align the body and mind with the heart and spirit through connecting with creation, participating in farm activities, learning to develop a functional body and opening a gateway to emotional understanding and healing through a journey with wild horses and nature. While one rests and enjoys the mountain view without worldly distractions, it’s easier to hear your heart speak, heal and readjust your focus to what truly matters.

To connect with Elsie, please visit the Rensburghoek guest farm Facebook page or email her at: saamstroom@gmail.com

You can also contact her via Whatsapp: +27825727713


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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