Eva Danneker

Eva Danneker
Stensjövägen 36 stensjögård
761 12 Bergshamra
070 267 96 15


Eva is a brave entrepreneur who is passionate about horses and loves to inspire people.

She believes that everything in life has a meaning and we all need each other to live a meaningful life in joy, harmony, and balance. Eva wants to inspire you to live a rich life in awareness.

She likes to call it Graceful Wild flowing, which places great emphasis on caring for ourselves, animals, nature and living our lives with an open heart. To really experience our lives and take in the contrasts of life and listen to and honor our bodies. 

The horses have a special place in Eva’s heart and are very important for her wellbeing. She felt connected to animals early in her life, started to ride at the age of 5. It has always been very easy and comfortable for her to be with horses. She gets her energy and vitality from the horses and loves to help people experience and explore their inner life together with horses as teachers. 

Eva has a husband and 2 teenagers living on a small farm in Roslagen with 5 horses, 3 cats, 1 dog, and 3 Guinea pigs. She is educated in organizational development and human resources at Stockholm’s University, ICF coach and EQ therapist, mindfulness and yoga teacher and FEEL practitioner.

Eva has arranged courses for personal development in Spain and the Azores for several years and runs Inspire Magazine and Vattumannen bookshop in Stockholm. 

If you want to experience horses as a teacher with Eva and her 5 horses, contact Eva at 070 267 96 15 or eva.d@vattumannen.se

 Please visit www.inspireyourlife.se for more information


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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