Faye Rose

Advanced FEEL Certification
Rose Lane Equine, Where Spirits Entwine
Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0

Faye Rose

For 55 years, horses have been a major passion in her life.

Faye Rose went through childhood, loving, caring for and understanding horses. Although at the time, she couldn’t put words to it, there was a real connection. “IT” just WAS, and she thought everyone else knew what she knew and felt what she felt. It was natural to know what horses were thinking and feeling.

Opportunities arose for her to show and coach, and to work in breeding and training facilities. Although successful, she didn’t like what had to be done “TO” the horses for the money and ribbons that seemed so important to most people.

Finally away from this environment, she continued to ride and help others with what many considered “problem horses”. It took only a short while to realize there were no problem horses, just “people problems” affecting the horses. And Faye continued to struggle to find her niche in the equine industry, trying to help horses and the people who rode them.

She read and studied everything she could about what seemed to be more gentle ways to train. Discovering Linda Tellington Jones, Sally Swift, Monty Roberts, the Parelli Method and others, Faye knew this still wasn’t what she was searching for. So she took what she felt was good from all these things, and tried to make a better way for the horse. And she kept searching.

Turning back to her spiritual path, studying shamanic practices and  traditional native ceremony as well as various meditation modalities, she was given the name “Spirit Dancer”, and knew, through her first drumming journey that for the rest of her life, her real work would involve horses.

Combining spirituality with the new views and ideas she gleaned from the natural horsemen, Faye tried to recover the childlike wonder and connection she once felt with the beautiful horse spirit. And then, there came the “A-HA” moment, when The Tao of Equus fell into her hands. Literally fell off the shelf to make her aware of Linda Kohanov and this woman’s journey, her story, and her teachings.

Life begins! Faye read all of Linda’s books, studied the Horse Cards regularly, and was hooked. So finding Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham just seemed like the next step in the journey. Taking a workshop with Wending Golding and Andre LeClipeux, She knew she would become a facilitator for helping people, by employing the Equine Experiential Learning strategies.  She enrolled in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) course of study at Horse Spirit Connections.

At the same time, another piece of her life’s puzzle fell into place when she met a natural, organic farmer who needed help with some rescued horses. They bartered organic food for natural horse training and thought of creating a place to bring all this goodness for horses and people together.

As a FEEL graduate and Alumni, Faye combines her desire to heal people, horses and nature, in a variety of workshops and programs on her farm “Rose Lane Equine…Where Spirits Entwine Naturally and Organically”’

Her belief is that the spirits of people, horses and nature can combine and entwine to heal each other and the world, one person, one horse, one acre at a time. Faye and her partners and co-facilitators offer courses to educate people about Natural, Organic Farming practises. Encouraging all ages to put their hands in the earth to plant and grow flowers, herbs and vegetables, brings back the family cohesiveness and the family heart as they learn about healthier lifestyles and holistic healing.

Faye directs the Equine Facilitated Learning programs and workshops for individual and groups, helping people discover more about themselves, their truth and their path in life.

Using FEEL principals and activities, people learn to connect with the horse to develop a much kinder mind set for training, allowing the horse to have a say in the process.

In the Farm School Day Care, children are taught “From the Ground UP”, learning age appropriate academics, as well as how to plant, grow and harvest crops, and how to care for a great variety of animals. Teachings come ‘from the heart, to the heart’ in hopes that these young people will become excellent caretakers of the land and the creatures who live there.

Faye says in parting “I really hope you will come visit us at Rose Lane Equine, Where Spirits Entwine Naturally and Organically as we grow together holistically . Call on me, I am Spirit Dancer. Come, Join the dance.”


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016