Gail Carruthers

Advanced FEEL Certification
Brampton, ON L6Y 1W4
416 569-7628

Gail Carruthers

From a young age Gail learned to experienced and enhance her life using both intuition and body consciousness as her early fascination with horses weaved itself in and out of her life. Once a parent, horses found Gail once again through the blossoming interest of her children. Gail’s intuitive abilities were not missed by the horses in the barn where her children ride as one night a chronically ailing horse finally falling to colic telepathically connected with Gail as a last call for help as he conveyed his loss of purpose in life. Knowing this horse was not suited for the equestrian business of this riding stable; Gail struck a deal with the horse, that if he decided to live she would purchase the horse and give him a new job as an Equine Learning horse.

Well, the horse not only recovered from colic that night but his chronic abscessed hoof also cleaned up within a week. When Gail and her children arrived at the barn the next day, they rushed to the trainer who was tending to this sick horse to inquire about his condition, the surprised reply  by the trainer of the horses recovery did not surprise Gail.  Keeping her word to give this horse a new occupation as an Equine Learning horse Gail purchased the horse and enrolled in the next Equine Learning program offered by Horse Spirit Connections.

Gail is also the creator of an online podcast series called Spiritual Girlfriend which is heard in over 50 countries and has over 420,000 downloads per month. Gail curates and highlights scientific and historical research that supports the energy and mind/body connection and shift of consciousness occurring in our world today. Speaking with scientists, academics and thought leaders in their industries the shows content gives a mainstream voice to their findings and support of what is still considered unorthodox by their peers. Spiritual Girlfriend is a one stop platform from which to find relevant and topical discussions and research that supports the scientific results energy practitioners have known for centuries.

Gail’s vision is to be a facilitator of awakening for people seeking a deeper experience of themselves and their lives. This starts through understanding how cultural paradigms keep us trapped within our own limited awareness and how to expand, create and incorporate new modes that include energy and mind/body modalities.  Learning how to open our hearts and incorporate it’s wisdom and intelligence into our consciousness. The first method is education through her podcast series and the second is application through her equine learning practice.

Gail’s vision is not limited to promotion her own equine business but rather to encourage listeners of her podcast series to get out and experience the energy healing of horses wherever they can.  Gail welcomes practitioners to join her equine map of healers on her website so listeners can experience the energy healing of the horse teachers as close to home as possible.

Gail is a certified Mediator, and trainer in Alternative Dispute Resolution with certification in Experiential Adult Education. She is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, certified medium, Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner and a certified Akashic Records practitioner.  Gail is also a previous cobbler, having created her own children’s shoe line that was sold in the top Toronto children’s boutiques alongside mega global brands of Geox and Uggs.


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