Greg Black

Greg Black is passionate about helping people see their strengths beyond the social, political, economic and religious categories that often label them. By truly listening to those he and the horses work with, he helps people reconnect to what is important to them, to rediscover their inner joy and purpose.

Religion has always played an important part in Greg’s life. He has devoted much of his life to learning about world religions. Through both study and personal reflection, he has developed a strong relationship with God and trusts deeply that we are here for a reason. When we stray from this purpose, life becomes difficult, but it is not always easy to find the path again. Working with the horses, Greg will help you recognize where the blocks are so that you can return to the path that you were meant to walk.

Greg grew up in rural areas in Eastern Ontario and Quebec surrounded by a strong and loving family. Nature and animals were always around him and he would spend hours exploring the woods with his dog as a child. This contrasted greatly with the jobs he worked as a teenager and young adult. His life path took him to different labour jobs in gravel pits, on the railroad and laying utilities in subdivisions. He became shop steward, and learned firsthand about the corruption in these industries – both by the companies and by the Union that was supposed to protect the workers. He fought the social injustice that he saw, but realized that this was not the life path he was meant to walk.

Leaving construction, Greg took a hiatus on the farm, regrounding himself through the animals and organic garden. He found peace experimenting in his garden with different organic methods and is working towards becoming a Master Gardener. He is passionate about producing food that is organic, sustainable and nutritious.

In 2012, he graduated with an Honours Social Service Worker diploma. He rediscovered his path during his field placements, working with those with mental and physical disabilities at AbleLiving and advocating for social justice through the Shalem Wrap Around program. He realized his passion lay in helping people through the garden and animals. Through his wife Taylor, he discovered the beauty and power of the horse. Complimenting his SSW diploma, he completed his FEEL certification in late 2012.

Today, Greg uses his skills as a Social Service Worker, FEEL facilitator and community advocate enabling people to help themselves on their path to self-discovery and healing.


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