Heather Kerr

Cambridge ON N3H 2C4

Heather has always had a passion for experiential learning – learning through the magic of doing. As a therapist of 25 years, Heather has seen the power of experiential clinical work, most recently through her role as Executive Director at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, a long term residential addiction treatment program. In 2008 Stonehenge partnered with Horse Spirit Connections and Wilfrid Laurier University to provide equine facilitated therapy for women involved in residential treatment. This marked the beginning of Heather’s journey into the world of horses and her connection with Horse Spirit Connections.

Heather had such a profound personal experience with the horses, she went on to pursue the magic of the equine workshops. Working with the horses breathed passion and a spark back into Heather’s life, while bringing a deep sense of calmness and spirituality. Heather involved her two teenage boys in the experience of the horses as well – a family session brought a new dimension to life in their family.

Heather has blended her passion for horse work with her education and training to capture the true magic of experiential learning. Since completing her FEEL Certification, Heather has worked with Horse Spirit Connections to provide Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Supporting the courage of clients as they do this work with the horses is Heather’s greatest passion. Much of her FEEL training has been incorporated into the experiential program at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community. With years of experience as a co-facilitator and trainer, Heather hopes to partner with other FEEL Facilitators and their horses to provide Workshops and Personal Development Training.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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