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A strong desire to be steeped in nature led Jineen des Vignes to her Lakefield, Ontario residence.  With beautiful Stoney Lake footsteps across the road and many miles of forested trails right out back, this private setting became the ideal location for Equinimity, A facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Centre.

Jineen des Vignes, a Certified F.E.E.L Facilitator, entered into the world of horses through a simple exchange of horseback riding lessons for guitar lessons.  Four months after being lured into the barn a horse was gifted to her and the previous owner graciously continued to cover the cost of board and all horse related expenses.

Soon after another wonderful opportunity presented its self.  She was offered a position working at the same barn along with the owner, a well known and respected horse trainer.  Jineen would spend her evenings learning to ride and train horses of various ages and in the mornings work in the barn learning horse care and stable management.  This work was carried out in exchange for a most gentle natured, two year old, chestnut Arabian gelding.

Jineen’s next opportunity landed her at a local dressage barn where hours worked at the barn were exchanged for the refinement of her riding skills by a very talented Grand Prix level dressage rider.  Another work exchange for trail lessons at an equestrian centre, right near her home, allowed Jineen to spend a summer on horse back traveling through some of the most beautiful fields, forests and rivers in her area.

Although grateful for every learning experience received, once infused more deeply into the world of horses, Jineen found she felt incomplete working with the traditional style of horse handling, training and riding.  As time passed she began to see things more clearly through the eyes of the horse.  The human-horse relationship now seemed very one sided, benefiting the human more than the horse.  Deep within her Jineen could feel that there was so much more to these gracious creatures.  She began learning directly from the horses she worked with and decided to seek other sources of wisdom outside of the barn and from deep within herself.

Prior to entering the horse world Jineen enjoyed balancing her time and energy between her three passionately chosen careers; Home-manager and Private Educator, along with a private practice in alternative medicine, holding degrees in Holistic Nutrition, Iridology and Colon Hydrotherapy.

Jineen’s passion for education, health and wholeness naturally spilled over into her passion for horses, creating a beautiful infusion.  She currently offers private equine facilitated  sessions as well as group work shops, specializing in the development of deeper communication with self and others, fostering emotional intelligence allowing both humans and horses to create more balanced and fulfilling relationships.


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