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Every experience for Joan has been a metaphor for life that has led her to a life with horses.

Nature has always played a strong role in grounding Joan as she was growing up. With nature as her nurture, Joan became an avid skier, snowboarder, scuba diver, hiker.  She began running on a request from a friend to train with her for a half marathon. Realizing the benefits of the endorphins running through her body after a run Joan has since trained for many more organized runs. This included completing dozens of half marathons, 3 full marathons and the Tough Mudder obstacle course. 

As a young child, Joan watched animal shows on TV any chance she could. Wild Kingdom and Jacques Cousteau were a couple of her favourites. This passion took her to Africa where she travelled the continent with like-minded souls. A highlight was a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. She found great solace and beauty in the incredible world that seemed like an untamed frontier. 

Joan graduated from college in Business Administration and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. Always going back to nature Joan continued to explore the outdoors and the power of nature.

Some of her experiences and adventures include the exhilaration of heli-skiing in British Columbia, travelling the Alaska highway, and white water rafting in Nepal. 

 Joan was stationed in Saudi Arabia as a flight attendant, where she was able to pursue her love of the ocean, scuba diving in the Red Sea. On a layover in Egypt she had a taste of freedom while horseback riding in the desert behind the pyramids. Over the years the reflections of this moment would never her leave her soul. She found solace and healing in being with horses and often reflected back to this experience in Egypt and the calmness she felt inside. 

As often happens we conform to the external pressures of life. We go through the motions. Joan was no exception. She often felt no matter how hard she worked, it always felt like there was more to do.  The mindset that if she worked harder, got more organized, people pleased more, checked everything off her to-do list… then she could rest. This mindset resulted in her being exhausted and stressed… disconnected from the world. 

Then Joan was introduced to Marshal Cody, a beautiful appaloosa gelding. Joan found the healing powers of the horse. They went everywhere they could together and spent time just chilling in a field or forest together. 

With little horse experience, Cody seemed to know that their partnership was special. Cody awakened her soul. Joan knew that the incredible bond she had with Cody, something magical had transpired that she felt through her body, but couldn’t explain at the time.  

Joan has a strong desire to help those that are wanting to step a little out of their comfort zone where true growth and transformation can happen. Her mission is to bring out the best version of herself and others.  

It was the power of the horse as the teacher that moved Joan to pursue this feeling that filled her heart and soul. She began taking workshops and courses that aligned with her spirit to assist and show others the “magic” of the horse. 

Joan completed the course requirements to become a “Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator” in March 2019.  This course is recognized by Cartier’s Farm’s Learning Program and the Saskatchewan Horse Federation. 

Joan graduated in 2020 from the FEEL Certification Program. (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning). A registered trademark of Horse Spirits Connection.

She has studied and participated in numerous programs, including the Seeds Leadership Program. This program is designed to get to the heart of emotions, self-awareness and authenticity. Joan graduated with a certificate in HR. She participated in the Emotional Fitness Super Clinic hosted by Linda Parelli and Dr. Jenny Susser.  She has completed Level One Natural Horsemanship as well as Level 1 and Level 2 workshops on Exploring Mental Health for Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators. Joan has also completed the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) First Aid for Mental Health. She is a graduate of Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy. 

Joan has worked with and mentored many people that span decades. She is currently self-employed and operates child care centres in the GTA. Through her work, she has developed a Continuing Education Program (CEC) for Early Child Care Educators that focus on self-awareness, self-development and self-care. 

Joan always had a strong desire to give back to the community and she partnered with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in 2014. Every year along with the committee she helps to organize and sponsors the annual 5k Harvest Walk.

Joan invites you to find your journey within.  She is committed to you growing your relationship with yourself.  Joan prides herself on creating a safe, non-judgmental environment so learning can happen.

Inspired to assist others Turquoise Tohi, Equine Assisted Wellness was created. A learning environment where the horse is the teacher. 

Discover what is possible.


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