Joel Blanchard

960 ch Saint Charles Nord
Saint-Charles, NB

Joel Blanchard started his journey with horses at the age of 12 after being secluded, not socializing and staying in his room. That’s when his mother noticed something was missing in Joel’s life, so she enrolled him in horse back riding lessons at a local stable, it became his life passion. Always dreaming of owning his farm one day with many horses. Eventually at the age of 16 buying his first horse Fury, whom they created an incredible connection, they were best friends, Joel spent a lot of time at the stable leading

Fury to greener grass.

After high school, he took up business management in college and now works in customer service management and farm management and co-founder of Ranch Auto Sales inc.

Life brings us back to our roots that’s why amazingly, he ended up buying the stable where his horse journey first began. He was able to accommodate a few more horses. Reconnecting with his inner child, Joel started dreaming again. Being passionate about horses and helping people, it was when putting the two together that he wanted to partner with the horses to help people discover themselves. Already being involved in the spiritual community Joel wanted to incorporate this type of work with the horses. That’s when he discovered LERAS horse path whom was partnering with Horse Spirit Connections.

After the completion of the program Joel is now a certified FEEL Facilitator partners with the horses on his farm to bring to others what they’ve brought for him all thru his life.

Joel Blanchard
960 Ch Saint-Charles Nord
Saint-Charles NB Canada E4W 4T4
Tel: 506-524-2546


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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