Josee Quenneville

Toronto, Ontario (Farm located in Arthur)

Josée has always felt a connection with horses. As a child, her father took her horse back riding on trails when her feet could barely reach the stirrups. She started taking riding lessons as a teenager and competed provincially in Hunter-Jumper competitions in her early 20s. She gave riding instructions in English and French in Ontario and Québec to riders of all ages.

Josée worked in clinical trials at the Hospital for Sick Children and various pharmaceutical companies. Other than enjoying helping others, Josée learned from her work to not only listen to a patient’s conversation but also to detect cues on how they felt from their body language.

Her love for horses continued through adulthood and she always enjoyed riding her horse for leisure and relaxation. She then noticed how the horse had its own way of communicating and re-energizing her which permitted her to ground herself from the stress of life and work. She started personal self-development courses, such as spiritualism and self-healing through shamanism, deepening her work with an open-heart communication. Within one month, a few coincidences brought her attention to experiential learning through horses. Josée knew immediately that she needed to pursue this path and became a certified Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (FEEL)® practitioner in 2018. As she keeps her horse at a stable for retired and rescue horses, she realized that there are many women like her who find comfort in spending time with their horse, without necessarily riding them. A niche was developed to assist women to slow down and tune in to their physical and emotional needs through the experiential learning with horses. Josée offers the FEEL approach to anyone feeling stuck in their life, who are burnt-out, grieving, dealing with the stress of everyday life or with high-stress jobs (such as Emergency Medical Services) to help them slow down, reflect on these issues and live in the moment (e.g. ‘getting out of your head’).

Working with you from the ground with retired and/or rescue horses, Josée can assist you to experience the potential of healing and discovering your authentic self.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

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