Kebbie Gibb

Blackstock, ON L0B 1B0

Kebbie Gibb

As a young girl Kebbie had always dreamed of having a horse healing centre, a place where rescued horses could help people and people could help horses!

Kebbie was raised with horses and almost born on horseback as her Mother continued to ride until she was 8 and ½ months pregnant.  At the age of 2 ½, Kebbie started riding and was blessed to be involved in a variety of experiences with horses, pony club, eventing, foxhunting, showjumping, PPG’s and most importantly trail-riding in nature for hours at a time.  Horses offered invaluable life experiences for Kebbie and more importantly created a space of acceptance, non-judgement, unconditional love and partnership.  Many hours were spent riding out in the wilderness and one of the most important lessons she learned while trail riding was to “Trust your Horse, as there were many times the group would get lost and not know which direction to go to head home.  When in doubt, the horses always knew the way to bring everyone home safely.  This lesson offered invaluable information within the exploration of the horse-human connection and continues to be a foundation for the unlimited possibilities in partnership with her horses.  In re-developing trust, the building blocks for authentic connection are set – allowing for unlimited possibilities

After a 10 year break from horses to pursue an education Bachelor of Arts – in Visual Arts from Lakehead University and develop a career working in both social service and academic settings, gaining a variety of experience working with individuals in the mental health field and students learning and physical disabilities.   Kebbie started to notice that the individuals she interacted with seemed to have stronger results, be more likely to express themselves authentically and maintain presence when they felt “safe”.  As she was recognizing these learnings, Kebbie was also recognizing that something was missing from her life…….the HORSES!  Leading her to attend a workshop at Horse Spirit Connections and voila – here was a way that honoured a beautiful partnership with horses, one that made sense, so much so that Kebbie enrolled in the FEEL Certification Program immediately and is set to graduate June 2015.

During this time, Kebbie’s horse, Miss Dee; a beautiful bay Quarterhorse was always in the background – supporting Kebbie and providing a relationship that was built on trust.  This relationship had always been, and continues to be a very special one as it developed over the years without any expectations, a relationship built on unconditional love and acceptance!  Unbeknownst to Kebbie…. an authentic partnership, one built on trust, respect was the foundation to any interaction that they were doing, did be it riding, ground work or just “being” and enjoying the space. A relationship built through trust, respect, support, acceptance and unconditional love leading to new learnings and new opportunities.

In her own exploration of self-healing, Kebbie has had the opportunity to recognize the incredible teachings, life lessons and support many horses have given her, leading her to become a FEEL Practitioner to give back the valuable insights that the horses have given her.


FEEL Training Program

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