Kenneth Bolinder

Bjuv, Sweden
070-597 64 95

Kenneth Bolinder found his love for horses in his early 40’s.  His 20-year career in the corporate world was spent in various management and executive positions in multinational corporations.  Kenneth was looking for balance and time with his wife Ann-Britt and their 7 year old daughter, Alexandra.  This balance came along in the form of his first “pet” – a horse.

As Ann-Britt and Alexandra took on riding, it became an interest for Kenneth too. Kenneth was enrolled in a riding class, by Ann-Britt, without telling him in advance!   It was the start of a new journey for Kenneth.

In 2002 Kenneth and his family moved from the Stockholm area to the south of Sweden. Kenneth left his position as Chief Information Officer and Vice President in an international corporation and started his own company together with Ann-Britt. Their new home, Gustavsborg PRE, became a stud farm for breeding Spanish horses, Pura Raza Española. Horses became a part of Kenneth’s everyday life.  The horses they bred found homes in Sweden, Spain, Finland, Norway and Germany.  As their business grew, they also hosted clinics for both dogs and horses.  Throughout all this, Kenneth maintained a corporate consulting business, utilizing his deep experiences in organization, people and management.

It was Ann-Britt who brought FEEL into their lives, starting a new and richer journey with the horses. Ann-Britt’s attendance at a FEEL workshop ignited a passion that Kenneth quickly came to share.  For him this was a new dimension and experience in his relationship with horses – a way to experience true magic with horses.

In 2017, both Kenneth and Ann-Britt  completed the 6-month training program and became certified FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ® Practitioners.  Today, they welcome clients from the corporate world, public services, as well as from nonprofit organizations to learn about leadership and team builidng.  Individuals, in groups or in one-on-one sessions with the horses experience the empowerment of self-discovery.

Kenneth and Ann-Britt are living their dream and want to help others to feel the magic through heart connection with horses. Their passion is to share the power and gentleness of having  horses as teachers and healers.

You can find Kenneth Bolinder and his wife Ann-Britt  and their horses at  Gustavsborg, 20 kilometers northeast of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.  They can be reached at 070-597 64 95 or  You can also visit their website at  They invite you to come share in the magic of the horses.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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