Kera Willis

Vancouver, BC, V5N 3J4

Kera grew up in rural Ontario, on a small farm on a dirt road. Her childhood was filled with mud and goats, handfuls of quartz stones, billowing grass fields, and the constant company of animals.

Her love of horses grew her 2 strong legs that could travel forever and never grow tired. When she finished high school she flew to Europe and began a life-long adventure in experiential living. Her curiosity and desire to leap into new understandings and situations has allowed her to cultivate a wild soul certain of its connection to the earth, with deep roots and swaying branches open to the influence and whispers of the winds. From this place of rooted freedom, she reaches out with words and art, striving to connect with others’ experiences.

In 2009 a black mare named Rowan led Kera toward another way of being with horses: a path of mutual connection and symbiotic relationship rather than domination and control. In 2010 she became certified as a Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning through Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham, Ontario. Currently based in Vancouver, BC, she is honored to be able to share the transformative power of creativity, and the alternative ways of being offered by the horse/human connection.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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