Kyla J Miller


6282 Armstrond Road

Forest Grove, BC V0N 1M0


Kyla Miller was born loving horses and was raised on a farm in a small community where being with horses and nature was natural for her. She excelled in school & sports and her natural curiosity drove her to explore new ways with all things. Driven and motivated, Kyla values hard work and academics. Her combined love of learning, farming & ranching and wellness and thinking outside of the box is why Kyla pursued her dream of working with people and horses- becoming a (FEEL) Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning in 2018.
At the age of eight, Kyla was gifted with a very stubborn buckskin gelding named Bucky. They two learned a lot together as Bucky gave Kyla much more than a mount; he rooted a passion and a dream for her future. Bucky offered Kyla the most precious gift- a relationship full of connection, love, and understanding. The desire to have horses in her life grew, and Kyla was blessed to have many different horses of varying abilities. She competed in events, rode on cattle drives, trail rides and much more. Vivid images of her experiences are truly genuine. However a particular memory always arises; galloping (at high speed) across an open meadow on route back to the corral after a long day of moving cattle on her beloved mare- Brandy. Being in sync with her, ears forward, wind, nature, untouched land, brought a sense of true contentment and a place Kyla often returns too during times she needs balance and reassurance.
Throughout all of this, Kyla became a Social Worker after moving to Alberta and marrying her best friend-Brian where she also started her family. Kyla has a unique and natural way of helping people. Always thinking outside of the box, Kyla aims to improve the quality of life of others in both her professional and personal life. Between balancing a farm, a family, work, and volunteering, Kyla continues to study human services further. Additionally, Kyla is trained and has obtained many certifications in the social service field including training in counselling. As well, Kyla is a certified First Responder (EMA) for the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Dept., giving her skills in medical emergencies where she can help people and her community in other ways as well. Kyla also has over 6 years of experience working in the veterinary field as a large animal assistant and office administrator emerging skills in animal health and care.
It all fell into place when Kyla learned about FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ®. Here was the bridge that would combine her experiences, education, knowledge and natural helping skills with her true passion and love of horses. FEEL allows for a partnership between horses and humans in a way that empowers people to be who they truly are and promote wellbeing. Kyla is a Certified FEEL Practitioner and is living her dream of empowering and enriching lives through horse wisdom. With many years of experience in the social service field and trauma-informed practice, Kyla is pleased to offer individual and group sessions with her horses. She invites you to experience this powerful dynamic at her place in Forest Grove BC. Kyla can be reached at: (ph) 250 397-2366 / (c) 250-571-6959 or


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