Laryssa Simpson

Sault Ste. Marie On P6C 1N2

For as long as she can remember, Laryssa has been fascinated with horses, animals and people alike. Being born the oldest of three daughters, Laryssa grew up in Ontario, north of Lake Superior in a quaint town called White River. She took comfort growing up in the company of her family, her two sisters, her dogs, turtles and the wilderness at her fingertips. To this day, she spends a great deal of time in the forest, enthralled with the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the wildlife within it. Laryssa has also spent much of her lifetime in Sault Ste. Marie and it is here where she now calls home. Spending her summers here as a young girl, she was introduced to horses, beginning her lifelong fascination. She was mesmerized by their beauty and demeanour, their size and overall characteristics. Laryssa loved spending time with the horses whenever she could and was often the one volunteering to do barn chores. She had a blooming curiosity of this great animal and felt as though there was something rather enchanting about them, not knowing she would expand her awareness later in her life.

Laryssa’s life took an unexpected turn when she spontaneously moved to Ottawa, Ontario. In Ottawa, she became employed by two Doctors, one of whom was an emergency room paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the other a family practitioner, Clinical Scientist, and the daughter of the 28th Governor General of Canada. She would facilitate childcare for their six month old boy and girl twins. She always had deep love for children and this position proved that to be quite accurate. Laryssa rose with great satisfaction every morning knowing she had such a significant role to play in these young children’s lives. During this time in her life she learned and mastered many different qualities. Over time, she understood with much wonder and appreciation that these little beings had a great deal to teach her. This position helped her grow in the areas of patience, kindness, creativity, forgiveness and accommodation. For four extraordinary years Laryssa had been a prominent leader, mentor, and role model while providing nurturing support, encouragement and education. She was caring for two young, fragile and continuously growing souls while adapting to their constantly changing needs. She was able to reunite with her inner child, and reassess her core values and beliefs with regards to what she now recognizes as being important in her life.

As chance would have it, Laryssa was invited to attend a one day Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning workshop at Horse Spirit Connections. Participating in this workshop opened her heart and rekindled her connection with horses. She felt compelled to enrol in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Program which allowed her to continue on her path and a life transforming journey. To her wonder and amazement, she now recognizes the horses as valuable teachers who have had a lot to reveal and teach her. The horses are continually contributing to Laryssa’s personal and spiritual growth. She is delighted and honoured to work alongside the horses as a FEEL graduate, bringing enriching experiences to both men and women. In addition, Laryssa is enthused to work with the younger generations. Laryssa is an Ojibway Anishinabe Kwe, her spirit name is Miengun Gide`Kwe, Wolf Heart Woman and she is of the Butterfly Clan. She currently works with the First Nations in Northern Ontario as a way to stay connected to her roots and support local communities. She and her business partner Christine McDonald are presently offering workshops and individual sessions out of KC Stables, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


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