Laura Lockhart

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Laura’s first encounter with horses came at a young age when her father, a police officer, took her down to the Toronto Police Stables to ride a police horse. This is a memory she holds dear to this day. Several years later, Laura’s family moved to Elmwood Ontario to a one-hundred-acre farm, where they had three appaloosa horses. At this time, Laura began experiencing mental health issues and, as a result, Laura spent very little time with the family horses on the farm.

Laura moved back to Toronto after she graduated high school and spent the next twenty-three years searching for help with her mental health challenges. Suicidal gestures had become the norm and the traditional medical model of treatment wasn’t helping. Laura had a deep sense of knowing that she was meant for something bigger and refused to accept what the professionals were telling her- that she would be ill and medicated for the rest of her life.

In 2014 Laura met world-renowned trauma and addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Mate. He saw Laura’s potential and understood what she needed to heal and reconnect with her true purpose. Under this personal mentorship, Laura spent the next seven years doing deep self-exploration and healing work.

In 2016 Laura began studying Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy at a small private school in Toronto. She wanted to pay forward the things her mentor had taught her. In 2020 Laura began her Master’s of Counselling Psychology. Later that year, Laura felt the call to renew her relationship with horses and began seeing a FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Practitioner. The depth of healing and wisdom the horses brought inspired Laura to train at Horse Spirit Connections in the FEEL program to become a facilitator.

Laura now gets the same joy and excitement she had riding the police horse regularly when she works with the horses at her friend’s farm in Queensville, Ontario. Today, Laura blends her sensitivity, intuition, the teachings from her mentor, and psychology training with horses’ love and wisdom to help adult participants learn to create and nurture their personal growth.

Sessions are $200 for an hour and a half. To book a session, contact Laura at 416-728-4939 or


FEEL Training Program

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