Leigh Howard

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Figuring out how to help people remove roadblocks and empower themselves has been a common theme in Leigh’s life. Perhaps it comes from her 16-year corporate career at Bombardier Aerospace, where she naturally gravitated to roles where she was a resource for people, would coordinate projects, or lead teams. Perhaps it is her second career in the public service as a 911 Operator and Police Dispatcher, where helping people through times of crises pushes her to seek out ways to contribute to
the well-being of the community and those who serve it.

But without a doubt, it is because Leigh herself has encountered many different roadblocks over the years, sometimes languishing behind one for a while, wondering how to push forward despite seemingly insurmountable odds. But it is when she reached out to different resources, asked for help, and discovered horses were some of the wisest teachers, that the motivation and strength emerged in her, allowing her to see each roadblock as an old story to be left behind, as an opportunity for growth, for transformation.

This journey has transformed Leigh: she still proudly wears the headset in police communications, and it has led her to combine her life-long passion for horses and personal growth. Certified in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning, she has partnered with her horses to offer this same chance for discovery and transformation to individuals and groups. Through Renaissance Equine Assisted Learning (REAL), Leigh has come to realize her purpose: to provide a space where both humans and the horses who teach them realize their full potential, so that they might thrive.

Vision Statement

Through experiential learning in partnership with horses, to cultivate empowerment and resilience in people for lasting transformation.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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