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Circle of Nature
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Lorraine Meisner is the Founder & Creative Director of Circles of Nature. Her love of horses and nature has been with her since she can remember. And the journey that bought her to the work of equine facilitated wellness has been a diverse one.
Since the mid 80’s she found herself in vocations where she was facilitating and coaching others, for many years this was as a civilian communication officer in emergency services. She jumped at the opportunity to train new communication officers and dispatchers but after 18 years of being in a constant state of emergency and shift work she developed sleep disorder that that took her away from that contact with horses and nature.
She realized it was time to bring those aspects back into her life and she pursued a certification in herbalism, wild-crafting and the dream of a retreat to share the healing energies of nature.

In 2009, Lorraine was diagnosed with breast cancer and even though it was caught early the emotional impact was quite devastating. She always knew her horses were here go to guys when she needed some perspective and healing, but she never guessed just how important this relationship was about to become.
Starsky, her then equine teacher and now spiritual guide, single hoof-idly facilitated her healing. This sparked a journey to bring this amazing power of horses to other cancer survivors and caregivers.

She went searching for, and found someone who was training people in Equine Facilitated Wellness. Little did she know this was just the beginning, and choose to get more training for the human side of the equation.
So she went searching for, and found someone who was training in Wellness Life Coaching, she wanted to hone her skills to help people negotiate their day to day lives.

She is currently expanding her knowledge of Equine Wellness with the FEEL Facilitator Certification Program; Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential and creates a supportive learning environment through interactive experiences with horses.

“It always amazes me that the teachers you need always manage to find you at the right time. Hopefully we grab those opportunities when they present themselves so we can continue to move forward in our lives.”

The journey certainly isn’t over for Lorraine but now, it’s time to share the healing magic of nature and the horses with others.

“There are many reasons to seek clarity in your life. And no better time than the present. I invite you to connect with you authentic self and let you spirit soar.”


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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