Lynda Watson

Brampton, ON L6V 2W3
905 872 8062

“Everyone has a special path, everyone has a unique voice, every soul has an authentic reason to be”

It is these core beliefs that have led Lynda Watson into exciting and fulfilling paths in her life thus far.

The most prominent path has been her equine work. She is a 30+ year equestrian instructor with an edge towards equine philosophy and innovative teaching techniques with a strong focus on youth empowerment.

Using strong technical knowhow and intuitive equine & human awareness Lynda has gathered along her journey a long repertoire of equine-related programs. Most originating at her farm, CamJay Farms, which she owned for 20 of those years.

CamJay Farms grew from a small farm of 5 horses to become one of the premier equestrian facilities in the Golden Triangle in Southern Ontario. Owner, manager and trainer were all parts played by Lynda in her exciting years at CamJay.

This time allowed her to create, organize and implement exciting and innovative programs for horses and youth alike.


  • equine wellness conferences and workshops
  • a reiki practice specific to horses
  • community-based camps (giving city youth a chance to experience the beauty and power of the horse),
  • youth empowerment workshops (weekly sessions motivating youth to follow their dreams and giving them the tools to do so)
  • Equine Empowerment ( workshops that taught horse enthusiasts to truly connect with their horses and make the bond between equine and human one that is trusting, enjoyable and powerful)

All this while running a large riding school and raising a family of two wonderful children that thoroughly enjoyed growing up around the horses and close to nature.

Horse shows were a regular part of life and a long trail ride was an excursion to be planned, packed for and enjoyed by all.

In 2000 that barn life was left behind and freelance instructing was to become a way of life for the next 7 years. Operating a 70 student/week riding school gave Lynda a chance to hone her organizational skills and continue to perfect those programs that had begun at CamJay.

Equine Empowerment, in particular, was further developed to be the workshop it is today. A short 3-hour workshop that would assist horse owners in deepening their horse-human relationship.

After 7 years of freelance teaching, it was time again to move to another path along the journey.

The humanitarian field had always been of interest and with volunteering extensively with the CRC for a number of years a job opportunity with youth presented itself and seemed a perfect fit.

Coming from a long line of educators and speakers it seemed only natural to accept this position and thus begin a new exciting career in the humanitarian field working in youth engagement and leadership.

A culmination of all of these experiences has brought Lynda full circle back to the horses and the field of facilitated equine experiential learning. Her training and subsequent certification were acquired at Horse Spirit Connection in Tottenham Ontario under the empowering mentorship of Wending Golding, Andre Leclipteux and Janis Myrnech.

Assisting her equine partners she helps people tap into the ancient wisdom of the horse. Her equine work has moved from mounted training to partners alongside these majestic and intuitive teachers. She brings with her a strong empathetic and compassionate style to her role as a FEEL facilitator. Understanding and encouraging others to find:

Their special path! Their unique voice! Their soulís authentic reason to be!

Lynda can be reached at or (905) 872-8062.


FEEL Training Program

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