Malin Alm

Lidingö, Sweden

Once an animal lover – always an animal lover! When Malin was a girl her mother would have to recalculate the ETA ”estimated time of arrival” on rainy days, because Malin couldn’t leave a single worm on the pavement,  they all had to be rescued and brought to a safer place.

During her younger years animals and football was her life, as an adult the fotboll ended but the love for animals remained. For some years she lived abroad but returned to Sweden when she was expecting her first child. Now Malin is a mother of five children and in her family there are two rabbits, two cats,three dogs and finally a Horse. Malin has a deep understanding for getting the everyday life to work together with fullfilling dreams and selfcare.

In her professional life Malin has been working with elderly people, children with special needs and now in a preschool. Her skills are being flexible, creative, and a compassionate facilitator.

Horses came late into her life, at age 48 she booked a riding experience togheter with her husband, with beautiful clydesdale horses – the gentle giants. Then and there she was lost! She knew she had to explore more about this magnificent being. She started taking riding lessons in a riding school so saturday mornings became her most precious time. The need of being in the moment with the horse was nothing she had experienced before, there was no time for agendas like “what´s for dinner, homework, or who´s going to be where and when”. She realized she had to stay focused on the horse, multitasking wasn’t an option. She wanted to know more about the horse so that´s when she got in contact with the FEEL work, very  fascinated by the horse and the deeper connections. Malin joined the FEEL program to be able to explore more of the work with humans and horses.

FEEL resonates with her heart. For the love of life she´s still going on this life changing journey. And now, being a certified Feel practitioner herself she cant wait to hold space for more humans to find this beautiful and transforming way  with ”Horses as Teachers”. Contact Malin at Malin is in the Stockholm area.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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