Maria Sedore

Advanced FEEL Certification
Hamilton, On L9B 2G4

Maria Sedore asked her parents to buy her a horse every year until she left home for college. While she always had a place in her heart for these majestic creatures, it was time for her to explore her other passion for helping people. She graduated from MacMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and after volunteering for the Ministry of Corrections for a year, was hired on as a probation and parole officer. This challenging role has allowed her to work with a diverse population including people with addictions, mental health concerns, and many people who have themselves experienced trauma. Maria has run a number of programs for both male and female offenders to address substance abuse, provide life skills, and encourage pro-social thinking and lifestyles. She has served on the Domestic Violence Court Advisory Committee, and on the Board of Directors for Liberty for Youth, an organization that helps at risk youth.

In the last few years, she finally got her opportunity to start exploring the world of horses. Starting off with some lessons to learn about the horse “From the Ground Up”, and continuing to part board her favourite equine companion, Maria has experienced the amazing connection between human and horse. Wanting to take both a journey of self discovery and deepen her understanding of horses, Maria was led to Horse Spirit Connections where she has completed the FEEL facilitator program. She looks forward to integrating this new knowledge into heartfelt work that combines her two passions for people and horses.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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