Marnnie Blair

Minden, ON, K0m 2K0

Marnnie Blair

Love of horses is in Marnnie’s blood   Her farm’s land was home to her

Grandfather’s herds. And now, Percheron, Clyde and a feisty Mustang are again on that stoney land.

Marnnie’s stewardship of this new herd is though of a very different nature than that from the farming and logging past; her experience with horses and vocation as a psychotherapist have intertwined to create new choices.

This new perspective is born of a profoundly intuitive, relational thread built on a Master’s degree focused on companion animal – human relations and polished by a FEEL certification (a program designed to facilitate the client’s own experiential learning of who they are and how they can live their lives of potential.) With a curious and seeking perspective Marnnie quickly learned that horses, quite simply, can be a  mirror for humans.

Her psychotherapeutic practice with children on the spectrum and with people with trauma or just struggling in their lives has led to a deeper appreciation of the sheer quiet genius of horses in cultivating mindfulness, focus, boundaries and relational self awareness.

Both horses and clients challenge Marnnie to understand and appreciate them from their perspectives.

Working with adults, Marnnie and her mares facilitate experiential learning about and deeper appreciation of each one’s path.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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