Martine Vaz

Mississauga, ON

Martine has had a passion for animals as far back as she can remember.  As a little girl she begged her parents to let her ride horses and donkeys at the local fairs and on the beaches.  At 18 she fulfilled her dream and got her very own horse.  Her horse became her companion and solace as she adventured away from home into the corporate world.
Martine completed a Bachelor of Math degree and acquired a job as a management  trainee for a large insurance company.  Enjoying the more human side of the insurance business she moved into the claims department.  Martine completed her Fellowship with the Insurance Institute and received the Alexander Hamilton Award for the highest mark in claims for that year.   Martine spent 33 years in the insurance industry.  She held various positions but her longest tenures were in management and as a coach where she guided and developed staff in the handling of large personal injury claims.  Her gift of bilingualism afforded her opportunities within the insurance industry and has been an asset in other areas of her life.
To relax from the stressors of corporate life, Martine enjoyed riding her horse Dynamite.  She and Dynamite would escape for long trail rides together.  The two were a team and spiritually connected for over 25 years.  Martine lost her beloved Dynamite, and friend, at the age of 31; he is always with her in heart connection.
Recently retired, Martine’s vision has turned to helping others with the assistance of animals.  She has been an active member of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program for over 5 years.  She and her dogs visit seniors and children with special needs bringing smiles and comfort.  Martine’s love of nature and animals have now brought her to Hastings, Ontario where she not only relaxes in her home on the river, Sunset Point, but also enjoys her new horse companion, Firefly.
Martine has discovered a new passion, facilitated equine experiential learning, which allows her to combine her love of horses and people.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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