Michele Rheaume

Écurie Centre le Reflet
Bécancour, QC G9H 4B8

Michèle’s unique combination of education and experiences & her great respect for animals and nature recently brought her to discover the magic of horses and their impact on personal development.

Holder of a Masters Degree in Environmental Science, she has always wanted to make a difference. She has worked with vulnerable populations such as an Innu community in northern Canada and was an intern with the Department of Natural Resources of the United States in Hawaii.

Priding herself on her communications competences, Michèle has a Cegep degree in Translation and Languages. She has studied various languages including German, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Currently, she is fine tuning her understanding of interpersonal skills through Neuro-­‐Linguistic Programming. More importantly, she devotes as much time as she can to learning one of the most beautiful languages there is: the language of the horse.

She is often invited to share her breadth of expertise as a t.v. presenter in her native Quebec. Here she can be seen on various shows helping bring awareness about eco-­‐friendly lifestyle alternatives. Additionally, she is fascinated by the amazing bond between humans and their environment. She is trained in basic wildlife rehabilitation, she scuba dives and volunteers for the SPCA where she adopted Miso, her feline companion of the past ten years.

A world traveler, Michèle combined her extensive travel experience, entrepreneurial savviness and her knowledge of environmental protection in 2013 to create a niche travel agency specializing in eco-traveling: Voyages Gaia Travel.

Although successful, something was missing. Having always dreamt of incorporating her love of animals into her professional life, Michèle was instantly attracted by Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning when she first read about it on the Horse Spirit Connection website. After selling her travel agency in 2016, she pursued this interest and is now a proud FEEL graduate.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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