Nicole McCurdy

Vancouver, BC

Nicole McCurdy found her love for horses about the age of 10. Fun loving and active, she loved everything to do with horses. Whether it was trail riding, showing, three-day eventing, brushing and bathing, if it involved horses she was in the thick of it. Nicole’s love and passion for these majestic animals never waned.

At the age of 21 Nicole was managing a barn and thought it was time to buy her own horse. Promise was more like a puppy than a horse. She followed Nicole wherever she went, the two of them connected in their hearts.

One year later Nicole’s journey was about to change when she became pregnant with her first child. Life circumstances meant that Nicole had to make a very hard choice. Promise had to be re-homed so that Nicole could care for the baby to come. Determined to embrace her new role as a mother, Nicole said farewell to Promise. But she never forgot her or that deep connection.

Nicole’s family grew and her three beautiful boys taught her much about determination, relationships and love. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own cleaning company at age 28 and, as it grew, she was able to employ and empower several women. Her life was busy and full.

However, the call of the horses was never far away.  A friend had a beautiful barn and offered to lease one of her horses to Nicole. This time she was able to share her passion with her sons. They would clean stalls together, ride and have a great time. And still the call of the horses grew stronger.

Nicole found Mystic Waters Ranch, and when she visited Brenda Brown and her horses there, Nicole felt like she was home. Brenda had a different way of connecting with horses through FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)®. Partnering with horses from a place of heart, Brenda was helping others to connect to themselves and find healing.

This time Nicole knew where the call of the horses was leading her. She enrolled in the FEEL training program. As a Certified FEEL Practitioner, Nicole has found her calling. She is passionate about helping heal human hearts with the help of these magical horses. Nicole offers private sessions for individuals as well as small group workshops. She loves working with children and families.

To learn more about FEEL and to connect with Nicole, call 778-808-3982 or email She can also be reached on Facebook under Nicole McCurdy.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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