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One of Noemi’s earliest memories is of her family’s trip to a zoo, where her Dad had worked as a teenage boy. He had fondly told her about the zoo’s ponies he had helped take care of. Meeting these ponies had left a great impression on Noemi, and fostered her longing to connect to nature and the animal world. 

Growing up in an industrial area in Switzerland, it was not easy to find animals close to home, but Noemi went to the country as often as possible, spending time in a nearby forest and on her relatives’ farm. She felt safe and comfortable with the animals and they became her trusted friends when her young life got confusing, especially during adolescence. Noemi loved horses, but as a child, she was told by the adults to stay away from them because they were unpredictable and dangerous. As a teenager, most horse experiences she had were of witnessing rough behaviour at the hands of human handlers. This caused Noemi a lot of heartache, but she kept searching for that connection to horses she longed for. From age 12, Noemi went to work on farms in the Swiss alps, where she felt safe and understood by animals, nature and people alike. Following her childhood vision, she completed her agricultural training and college. 

At age 20, Noemi bought her first horse, a bay-coloured weanling. The two enjoyed long walks and just hanging out together. They were building trust in each other, which was of great importance for both of them. 

After spending some time in the Swiss alps, milking cows and making cheese, her curiosity and adventurism took Noemi to Canada where she worked on dairy and cash crop farms. Having met her future husband during that time, she decided to immigrate to Ontario to get married and raise a family. This led to the very hard decision to sell her first horse. 

Horses have been a part of Noemi’s life since her move to Canada. When her four kids were young she barely found time to work with the horses, but as the years went on, she had a chance to join local riding clubs with her Quarter horse Bella. 

A serious riding injury changed Noemi’s attempt at horsemanship in a big way. Not being able to ride created a new idea in her mind to work with the horses to bring animals and humans closer together. 

A farmer at heart, Noemi still loves the farm work. The dairy goat and cash crop farm she and her husband own is the family’s livelihood and lifestyle. With two of their sons joining the business, Noemi had the opportunity to spend more time with the horses. When a friend asked her to go to a FEEL(Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)™ workshop together, Noemi got her first taste of a new chapter in her life with horses. Through research, she found the FEEL(Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)™ certification program at Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham, Ontario, where she graduated in 2021. This has opened up new ways for her to work with her horses and a different approach to horsemanship in general.

Noemi found healing for her own childhood trauma through horses and has witnessed the transformation they bring about in people. She now walks this out in her own life, partnering with the horses as teachers to help people live more balanced and meaningful lives. She lives with her horses and her family in Osgoode, Ontario. Under her motto “a Horse Approach to Life” Noemi offers one-on-one sessions for anyone seeking empowerment, deeper connection and self-exploration through the wisdom of the horse. 

If you would like to know more about Noemi’s services and her herd of horse teachers, please contact her by email at, or by phone at (613)282 2095.


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