Pamela Puchalski

Middlefield, CT 06455

Pamela Puchalski

Pamela was initially led to FEEL work during a Shamanic journeying workshop that awakened her soul to a whole new realm of possibility for healing and self-discovery.  Supported in her journey visions by humans and horses alike, she embarked on a path to personal authenticity.  As Pamela maneuvered her way through her FEEL training at Horse Spirit Connections, Tottenham, Ontario, she was constantly challenged by both her human and equine teachers to awaken and further develop her own integrity, inner strength, and empathic abilities.

Previously Pamela, who holds a BS in Psychology from Connecticut College, worked with the elderly in nursing homes as a Recreation Therapist as well as with injured workers, counseling them on their rights and responsibilities.  She has also organized campaigns for Workers Compensation issues and in support of Safer Chemicals in Children’s Products.  Pamela has been a homeschooling mother to her three children and has designed and instructed dance and creative arts classes for homeschooled children.   On her farm she and her daughters have offered camps and riding lessons based on natural horsemanship principles of respectful communication with horses.

Pamela has long been interested in natural healing methods for the body.  Over the last few years she has become more intrigued by energetic healing practices for the human psyche and spirit, thus leading her to Shamanism and ultimately the healing power of the horse.  As diverse as her past experiences have been, Pamela has never felt so drawn to a career as she has to that of a FEEL Practitioner.   Aided by her horses and even those horses who were boarded at her farm, she has realized a deep and mutual partnership with them based on her realization of the intensity of their wisdom as well as their willingness to share that wisdom with humans.

“Heartspace” was born out of this process, where humans can experience the power, wisdom, and heart of the horse on her quaint farm in Middlefield, CT.  Pamela has fostered a space where horses can assist humans to discover and acknowledge those emotions that are hindering them in their quest for personal growth and discovery.

Pamela invites you to experience the transformative power of the horse in an individual session with her and the equine teachers at Laurel Brook Farm.


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