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Peter Sibbald has always been intensely curious, and after earning degrees in sociology and education, and teaching math, science and outdoor experiential education, he made a leap of faith to pursue a career in documentary photography that would span more than 3 decades.

Mostly photographing for Time Inc.’s suite of magazines and various of the world’s leading geographical journals, and with occasional support from the Canada council, Peter documented guerrillas in the Guatemalan jungle, lived in hunt camps with the Innu in the northern reaches of Turtle Island, and traversed the slums and gilded palaces of banana republic dictators and the factories and lavish boardrooms of global corporate giants. While witnessing the fullness of the human experience was a great privilege, he also soaked up much of the darkness inherent in this type of work. Fortunately, his horse-crazy seven-year-old had taken up riding lessons, so he eagerly followed her with lessons of his own reviving a childhood passion. Thus, inthe grounding presence of these sentient creatures that commanded so much mindfulness, he found moments of respite from the black.

As the digital revolution disrupted the world of journalism, print media, music, film and photography, Peter became stuck trying to transition to this new reality with its focus on celebrity which no longer bore any relationship to his core values. As part of his work to become unstuck, he rescued a black mare, a Cheval Canadien named Maggie, who would become one of his greatest teachers and lead him to become a
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning® (FEEL) practitioner.

Drawn to deepen his healing and education practice, Peter enrolled in
psychotherapy training at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto. Through this journey of self-discovery his view of the human condition has shifted from the camera lens to the lenses of natural horsemanship, the FEEL Approach, client centred psychotherapy and the therapeutic modalities of bioenergetics and energy work.

Meanwhile, with the goal of building a healing and learning sanctuary, in 2018 Peter and Nancy his wife of more than 30 years — an educator who works with troubled youth — purchased a broken old farmstead just outside of Peterborough. Guided by regenerative farming approaches, the newly christened Medicine Horse Farm is itself in the process of healing and being made sustainable. With its closest neighbour to the south being the Hiawatha First Nation, the farm’s new stewards acknowledge the historical complexity of a settler farmstead and are striving both for reconciliation and to continue building connections to that community.

While the farm continues along the path toward becoming a safe space for a community of healers, teachers, and regenerative micro farmers, Peter has opened Medicine Horse Connections, so that he, Maggie and her growing herd can help clients gain insights — sometimes practical, sometimes profound — to move ahead with their lives through growth, learning and self-healing. For more information, or to connect, please go to


FEEL Training Program

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Horse Spirit Connections
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