Salome Prinsloo

Salome Galago Ministries
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Salome, a versatile lady, with her contagious energy. She has a lot of passion for what she does and what she has to offer today.

From a very young age, she had a huge love and fascination for nature, animals and plants. Although she was born in a city and spent most of her life there, she was blessed in the sense that the home where she grew up was spacious enough to allow for big gardens and various pets such as dogs, cats, geese, ducks and chickens. Already since then, Salome was exposed to activities such as gardening, bird watching, horse riding (introduced by her mother) and dog training (introduced by her father). These activities became hobbies, which then became part of her.

As she grew up, her love for nature increased, and she carried it through to her studies. By the end of the year, 2012, Salome graduated and got her Bachelor’s degree in Game Ranch Management (Which consists of a combination of tourism, agriculture and nature conservation) as a top student. Salome developed a huge desire to move to her family farm to help out with the Arabian horse stud with her mother, and to work as the Environmentalist, combining the following things: Nature conservation, self-efficiency, organic farming and environmental education through the tourism taking place on the farm. Her biggest hope is to share her lifestyle and knowledge and to inspire the people who come across her. For Salome, her biggest reward is to see hearts touched and to build up connections. 

The family farm of which she is a partner today (Rensburghoek guest farm), located in central South Africa, consists of no staff, but the few family members, all working together harmoniously in their own departments. The slogan of the farm is “ The way of Life” where the mission is to create the sacred space for guests to just be, for them to enjoy the tranquillity, to get them connected to nature and themselves and to invite them to engage in that unique farm lifestyle. So, in other words, guests get to experience a completely new perspective on life. Salome’s special contributions to the farm include the greenkeeping and management in the gardens, managing/maintaining hiking trails / environmental education for guests on hiking trails, and of course helping out in various farm activities.  

Art and music also came along since childhood, as natural talents that got developed over time, of which Salome got several accomplishments. They too add a valuable contribution to the family farm activities, where Salome makes exclusive handcrafts on requests and offers live music performances, touching many hearts with her original music.  

 In the year, 2019, Salome completed her training and qualification in FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) as a practitioner. This is another facet/activity taking place on the Rensburghoek guest farm. With the incorporation of the wild Arabian horses on the family farm, she and her mother (as facilitator and co-facilitator) offer one on one sessions with clients, where they get opportunities to be in the presence of the horses and have guided interactive activities with them. During those processes, through each client’s personal experience ( based on pure intuition), he or she is taken on a journey to self-discovery and healing, “Feel to heal” as Salome would say. Through the interaction with the horses, the clients become aware of their inner feelings ( as emotions tend to surface) and blockages are revealed to them. Thus the opportunity is created to allow for awakening, self-awareness, the ability for emotional agility and tools for positive life decisions/changes.

So all in all together with her knowledge and love for nature, none complicated farm life, now combined with FEEL, she brings a new dimension into people’s lives

If you wish to make a connection with her, feel free to contact her: 

Via email:

Via Phone: +2779 519 6595

Via Facebook: Salome Prinsloo or Rensburghoek guest farm.   


FEEL Training Program

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