Sandy Auestad

Advanced FEEL Certification
Feel Untethered
Markdale, ON N0C 1H0

Sandy has always felt a connection and had a passion for horses and the outdoors!  As a child being raised in the city she loved to dream about horses and would head to the stables and ride out in the wilderness whenever she could.  After raising a family and proud to have several grandchildren in her life, Sandy has recently fulfilled her dreams to own a farm and have her own horses.  With the support of her husband, she now enjoys living in harmony with animals and nature in southwestern Ontario’s Beaver Valley area.

With a background in Psychology and Human Resources (HR) Management, Sandy’s 25 years of professional experience has included leadership & personal development, coaching, facilitating & training as well as working with behavioural competencies and adult learning principles.  Sandy is also a certified change practitioner with experience in both her personal and professional lives having enhanced her ability to manage change, adapt to new environments and build new relationships along the way.  Collaboration, teamwork, and an appreciation for diversity are strong beliefs when working with others.

Living with her own horses has given Sandy greater personal insights about her emotions, behaviour, communication patterns and equine relationships.  Her horses have taught her to be more consciously attentive, mindful and to live in the moment.  Wanting to learn more about horses in general, as well as understand their profound teaching capabilities, led Sandy to complete Equine Assisted Learning certification courses through Greg Kersten’s O.K. Corral Series workshops in 2011 as well as Chris Irwin’s Equine-Assisted Personal Development workshop and an Equine Science Studies certificate program through the University of Guelph in 2012.

Satisfying Sandy’s continual desire to learn, she then went on to complete a certification program in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) with Horse Spirit Connections in 2014.  All of the work with horses has led to greater self-confidence and contentment.  As a Certified FEEL Practitioner she has recently merged her human resources skills with her passion for horses in order to provide learning opportunities for others.  Her business “Untethered” is a new life path inviting individuals and small groups or teams to partner with horses and thereby gain unique insights about themselves that will facilitate increased self-awareness and ongoing personal growth.  Horses speak to our hearts and minds while inspiring us to let go, have fun and focus on what’s important in life.


FEEL Training Program

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