Sarah Van Sciver

Baltimore, MD 21209

Sarah began her journey with horses in the Fall of 2014 when she was led to a horse farm in Damascus, Maryland called Great Strides where horses are invited to be partners in healing. While she had always been drawn to horses, she now found herself at a crossroads in her life where she felt like she didn’t have ground to walk on. Little did she know she was about to embark on the most profound journey of her life thus far.

While Sarah had experienced several different types of healing modalities, she quickly discovered that working with the horses was an incredible catalyst for healing to occur and took healing to the next level. She experienced connection with another living being in a way she never had before. The horses became amazing teachers for her to learn about emotional awareness and agility, innate body wisdom and the power of setting boundaries in her life. She ultimately experienced healing in a way that previously appeared unattainable.

Realizing that her connection with horses would continue throughout her life, her path led her to decide to become a FEEL practitioner through Horse Spirit Connections near Toronto, Ontario where she graduated in November of 2016. The FEEL training became another beginning to a healing and empowering journey where she continued to uncover and discover her authentic self and her soul’s purpose.

Sarah’s professional work background includes being a personal chef for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. She created her business, Heart of Cooking in 2006 and started creating online menu planners for people with limited diets in 2008. She has enjoyed using her creativity in the kitchen to help people on limited diets enjoy food again. Sarah is also a devoted mother to a nine year old boy.

Sarah now weaves her desire to help women live more fulfilling lives through partnering with horses as healers. As a FEEL practitioner, she brings her high sensitivity, intuition, passion for authentic living and creativity to the sessions with her clients. Stemming from her in-depth personal healing with the horses, Sarah is a “wounded healer” who has the gift of holding a non-judgmental space. Through her partnership with horses, a sacred space is created where women can become more authentic, listen more closely to their heart and create an empowering and fulfilling life.

Offering private one-on-one sessions with clients in Damascus, Maryland, Sarah works with women who are looking to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Sarah can be reached at 410-818-0878 or email:


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016