Shilo Satran

208 Waynoka Lane
Memphis, TN  38111

Nearly everyone is eventually faced with a life situation that confuses or distresses them. Whether it is situational anxiety or depression, grief, trauma, mental illness or addiction, few individuals get through life without experiencing something that overwhelms or interferes with life. These life events serve as wake up calls to help us make evolutionary shifts within ourselves, enabling us to live more fulfilling lives. New territory along the path to inner peace and harmony can best be explored with the help of one who has the knowledge and experience with navigating such journeys.

Shilo Satran earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Boise State University in 1981 and graduated from John F. Kennedy University in 1997 with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-MHSP), Licensed Addictions Counselor (LADAC II, MAC), in the state of Tennessee. She utilizes her training in EMDR to work with trauma survivors. Shilo is certified as an Aricular Detoxification Specialist, using a technique that assists with the withdrawals and cravings of addiction. She is trained in the LifeLineä Technique, a content free modality to work with the subconscious mind. She leads sound mediation with Crystal Bowls and guided visualizations to the sound of the drum. Shilo is a Certified Equine Therapist in both the EAGALA and FEEL modalities.

Shilo has been on a long quest to find a way to touch that “inner piece” of a person that keeps them stuck. She is proficient at a number of different modalities, both traditional and non-traditional, but it was when she began to work with horses that she started seeing a marked difference in the course of therapy for her clients. The horses helped her clients get to their core underlying issues much faster, and their experiential lessons appeared to have profound life changing effects. Shilo’s clients have experienced deep insight into the problematic areas in their lives, whether it was their thinking, their behaviors, issues related to their job, or relationship dissatisfaction. Clients found “ their part” in the problems as they moved around the arena with a horse at liberty (walking free, without halter or rope). Clients remarked that the horses had “special powers” to look inside their lives and find what wasn’t working. These insights have allowed clients to make changes and to begin living happier, healthier lives.

Shilo lives in Memphis, TN. She is available for group and individual equine sessions. You can reach her by phone at 316-213-9162, or by email at


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