Sonja Christopherson

Mississauga, ON L5J 1C8

Sonja has always had a strong connection to horses and discovered that their instinctive and intuitive abilities worked in harmony with her passion to work with others as a teacher and life coach.  She is an advocate for health, wellness and spirituality in the workplace, having spent 25 years in manufacturing  as well as in her current role as a Diversity Specialist in Retail.  She is also a part-time instructor at Mohawk College.

Sonja’s curiosity guided her to a richer understanding of diverse communities where she was privileged to be mentored by community elders in Northern Ontario.  In 2004, Sonja formed a deep partnership with Larka, an appaloosa mare who taught her the meaning of trust, authenticity and heart connection.    Profoundly impacted by Larka’s inner wisdom, Sonja pursued her FEEL certification in 2010 where she gained a deeper appreciation of the healing powers of the horse/human connection.

In April 2010, Sonja received an award for her outstanding teaching contribution.  This award is generated by students who nominate the Instructor who has made the biggest impact on their lives.   Her clients include College Deans and Department Heads, newly graduated Teachers, Organizations and individuals seeking both professional and personal development.  Her strong and passionate heart embodies her Medicine Name “Cougar Woman Sings” where she uses the power of her voice and the strength of her conviction to open the space of possibility for others.

Currently Sonja is pursuing her shamanic coaching certification through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016