Sue Dixon

Huntsville, ON

Meet Sue Dixon

Horses have weaved their way in and out of Sue’s life throughout her life. During those times when they were absent from her life Sue’s passion was being with people who had needs for compassion, love and completeness.

Sue’s first partner in life had a neuromuscular disease seeing them through the loss of walking and fine motor skills to being on the heart transplantation list. After his death through a tragic accident Sue found herself needing to be needed and as such spent many hours volunteering at the Huntsville Hospital and two long term care facilities in Huntsville. Sue spent meaningful time with the elderly and ill. Sue was able to create over 100 biographies of the residents at Fairvern Nursing Home through communication with residents and their loved ones. Sue also spent much of her time getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology through distance education at the University of Waterloo together with a certificate in Teaching and Training Adults from Georgian College. After 30 years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation as Quality Leader, past chair of Fairvern Nursing Home and current Chair of Huntsville Public Library Sue has a desire to hone her leadership skills to include horses.

The draw to horses when Sue’s life didn’t include them never went away, there was always a sense of connection to them.

Sue took the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Program through Horse Spirit Connections and has now been able to combine the horses healing power with some of the healing needed in her own life and now she wants to share it with others so they too can heal with the gift of the horses healing power. Sue and her thoroughbred / Clydesdale cross, “Egalie” invite you into their space where healing from compassionate hearts helps to heal those with a need for healing and completeness.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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